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Turquoise Music

Basic Information
Location:Atlanta, GA
Birthday:Apr 2
Short Desc:Music Artist
Description:Dub-Step, Pop, Rock & Hip Hop Artist! Turquoise has the je nais se quois! Originally a military brat born in Fort Bliss (El Paso, Texas), Turquoise started performing at the age of three and landed her first gig at the the age of 6 as the spokesmodel for the department store Parisians. Since then, Turquoise has modeled for Lloyd Klein, Wyclef Jean's clothing line, Refugee as well as Diddy's flamboyant blazer designer, Billy Bad A**. Turquoise has also endeavored in the world of Video Vixens starring in music videos for Ludacris, Lil Kim & Ray J, Lil Bow Wow and Young Dro. Turquoise is a phenomenal actress starring in 'The Crucible' at the world reknown Springer Opera House, the movie 'Fighting Temptations' and GoSmile Commercials. Turquoise has opened shows as a music artist for the likes of Lil John, Outkast, Da Brat and Ying Yang Twins. Turquoise has collaborated with other music artist like Lil Ru' while working with Grammy Nominated Producers like DJ Speedy, the Arkitechs and Chris Starr. In the fall of 2012 Turquoise released her promo CD with five cuts from her forth coming album 'Meticulous Works of A Staggering Genius'. in the words of Hanky of ColliPark Music and Geno of Universal Music, Turquoise can not be compared to any one artist; instead take the facets of Janis Joplin, Missy, Lady Gaga, Tina Turner and Nicki Minaj and then you would get Turquoise.

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