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Rochelle Jones
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Birthday:Nov 11
Short Desc:CEO of Bombchelle Musick, LLC
Description:I am the #1artist development company and management company in the South. We specialize in artist development, management of artists, marketing, publicity, image consulting, booking shows, songwriting, and social media, etc. We do it all and we are the top choice of all major/independent labels when they want their new talent to be the best! I manage two of the hottest young up-and-coming artists by the name of "JazRay'e" and "Shamiah Trenae". JazRay'e is a super-talented 13yr old pop/r&b star from Jackson, TN who has been making some noise for the past year. She has 4 hit songs, she has performed in numerous shows, showcased in a variety of magazines, and radio has loved her. She has that star quality that is fit for Disney or Nickelodeon and can also sell millions of records. Shamiah Trenae is 22yrs old and is a pop/r&b songstress that hails from Jackson, TN. Shamiah is extremely talented with a unique vocal tone. She is gorgeous and has dance moves that can hang with the best of them. She also has that full package that you rarely see these days from artist. Shamiah also has 4 hit singles, showcased in a variety of magazines and radio simply loves her. Shamiah Trenae is projected to be the top artist in 2014. These two artists are sought after and they are unsigned. I am looking to get them in a good situation that is lucrative in the long run. 2014 is the year for success from Bombchelle Musick, LLC.

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