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Birthday:Jan 1
Description:Ray Daniels
CEO/Founder RAYDAR Family ; VP /A&R Epic Records
Ray Daniels is a leader in the new school of entertainment executives; an embodiment of the music industry's newfound culture. As VP of A&R for Epic Records under the leadership of L.A Reid and CEO of his own conglomerate RAYDAR Entertainment; Daniels is undeniably one of the most accomplished executives in today's business of music. Driven by his passion for music and those who create it, Daniels has created a reputation for strategic excellence since his company's inception in 2004. Outside of his formal titles, Daniels juggles hats as a much-requested music consultant, known for brokering some of the biggest publishing and artist deals signed over the last five years.
Although his current company stronghold is music; Daniels along with a select few of his peers, have managed to create multi-faceted entertainment companies using music as currency. Daniels has surpassed the routine industry executive maturation process, by being ahead of the trend with music publishing and distribution. "Music is the most powerful language we have access to; it's the one thing that surpasses culture, age, region, etc. I don't believe there is anything more powerful in its ability to shape culture," Daniels says. This power has allowed Daniels to strike deals on behalf of his clients outside of the parameters of music; including opportunities with corporate brands as well as ventures in TV and Film.

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