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DJ I Rock Jesus
Basic Information
Location:Hampton, VA
Birthday:Nov 18
Short Desc:Gospel DJ
Description:Thank you for downloading DJ I Rock Jesus App this is the place for you to stay connected to DJ I Rock Jesus while you are on the go. Get alerts when he goes live. You will receive exclusive mixtapes that you can only get on the app.
Because you downloaded this app you will get one mixtape made just for you.Send playlist of 12 Songs you would love to have a mixtape to

About DJ I Rock Jesus

DJ I Rock Jesus produces and hosts the syndicated internet radio show called "The Live Mix Show" that is heard across the globe. He appeared on the Steelroots reality TV program series called "Mixx Master Lounge" on Inspiration Network (INSP).

He is best known around the world for his mixed tapes with distribution in all 50 states and many countries including the Netherlands, Turkey, Canada, Australia, Finland, Belgium, England, Denmark, China, Germany, and Africa. DJ I Rock Jesus also provides music mixes for the "Donnie McClurkin" Radio Show.

DJ I Rock Jesus has been the recipient of many honors and awards on Gospel entertainment shows over the years to include The Holy Hip Hop and Kingdom Choice Awards. Most recently, he received the Legacy Award at the 2017 Kingdom Choice Awards.

He contributes his success to God and his late wife Renee who passed away in 2009. Her last words to him were "YOU HAVE TO KEEP GOING" which has been his impetus ever since to reach the world with relevant Christian music and media for this generation.

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