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Location:Washington, DC
Birthday:Jun 17
Short Desc:The leading social network dedicated to supporting Black bloggers worldwide. is the #1 social network for Black bloggers around the world. Join in the the passionate/controversial discussions and promote your blog.

People of color have been blogging by the thousands across the Internet. This digital boom highlights the potential for Black bloggers to connect and address important issues affecting their communities. The sister site to is Black Blogger Network, which has featured Black bloggers from all over the world including but not limited to: the U.S.A., Canada, South Africa, Ghana, Nigeria, Thailand and the U.K. Thus, Black Bloggers Connect™ was launched as a means for these bloggers to meet and learn from each other. is also serving as a platform for distributing information about vital issues affecting Black communities.

The founder of Black Bloggers Connect™ is no stranger to drawing connections between the black community and digital relations. Jessica Ann Mitchell has a Master of Arts degree in Pan African Studies and is currently completing a Master of Science degree in Public Relations at the S.I. Newhouse School of Public Communications at Syracuse University. Mitchell is also the founder of, and

In 2010, Mitchell started the Black Blogger Network. After coming in contact with black bloggers around the world, she had the idea of starting a special social network specifically to address the needs of black bloggers.

"I really wanted to start Black Bloggers Connect™ a long time ago. I felt that it was necessary for Black bloggers to have a platform for exchanging thoughts and sharing ideas. Often times, the importance of black blogs is underrated. However, black bloggers are a highly important means of transmitting information to black and marginalized communities," states Mitchell.

On Black Bloggers Connect™, bloggers have the ability to promote their blogs, share links to their favorite blog posts, find blogging advice, upload videos and read news updates. Bloggers can also create their own profile pages and include detailed information about their blogs.
The new social network may be the first of its kind and is already generating interest from bloggers.

"We are in a new era. Due to the emergence of digital media, blogging has become a platform that has enabled marginalized voices to come the forefront and be heard. At we want to unite those voices," states Mitchell.

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