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Trapped in The Nap Radio 7 for

Trapped in The Nap Radio 7 for

Trapped in The Nap Radio 7 for

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Trapped in The Nap Radio 7
Basic Information
Location:Indianapolis, IN
Birthday:Dec 25
Short Desc:Trapped in Da Nap Radio 7 Various Genre's Including Hip Hop R&b
Description:Get ready for a new revolution in your radio experience as Trapped In Da Nap Radio 7 brings you live radio at your finger tips. With Various Genres of music including Hip Hop R&B and even Gospel! This station is completely uncensored which means its anything goes! Lead by station head and personality Luckey Da Truth this station will bring you and exciting and adventurous experience in the way you listen to radio. Trapped in Da Nap Radio 7 will bring you live broadcast which are very interactive with live call ins giveaways and much more! This station also will bring you live show live Trapped in Da Naps D List , All Rap No Cap, & Chillin On Da Ave. So sit back relax and enjoy this new radio experience

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