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Austin Karp
Basic Information
Location:Sacramento, CA
Birthday:Jan 26
Short Desc:Student, Rapper, DJ, Producer.
Description:18 year old from Sacramento. Go to UOP in Stockton for Athletic Training but my true love is Rap and music. Pretty new to the scene but I have raw talent. Here is what I bring:
1) I can get YOU ON ITUNES.
2) I can master songs for you or have them sent to Def Jam to be mastered. Def Jams mastering will be much more expensive but will be very much worth it in the long run.
3) I get my music distibuted by DEF JAM DIGITAL DISTRIBUTION and can also do that for anyone who buys a beat or pays for mastering. Distibution and mastering will cause price to go up.

4) I can make custom beats for you and will communicate with you the entire time along the way. Prices for custom beats will depend on many different elements or how specific you are.

5) You will put half down before the beat is made and when you are satisfied with the finished product, You can pay the rest.

6) If you are not satisfied all of your money will be given back.

7) My satisfaction gaurantee is ONLY for my mastering or production. If you have Def Jam master for you, you will need to provide a detailed list of directions if that is important to you because Def Jam will not be in communication with me.

8) Once you send me money down, you are agreeing that any production not done by me (with your approval before hand) voids the satisfaction guarantee. This is not me trying to screw you over, but I still have to pay Def Jam an amount (discounted yes but still payment) for their time and effort.

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