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ablyss gillespie

Basic Information
Location:houston, tx
Birthday:Aug 5
Short Desc:entertainer/playwrite/singer/songwriter
Description:As an author, Ablyss Gillespie successfully published two poetry books, “Rose Window the Realistic Shadow” and “Olivine Wine the 5th Peridot Gem”, in 2004. In July 2007, she published her 3rd book of poetry entitled “A Cycle of Alteration”, which tells the story of a woman who goes through a decade of change being challenged in love, betrayal, death, deceit and self worth. As a play writer and director, Ablyss Gillespie has showcased several sold out stage productions sharing and expressing real life lessons of the world today. Again in 2004, she directed a play entitled “Acceptance Shadow”, which focused on the existence of racism within one race. Then in 2005, she presented the popular “Foggy: The Cause and Effect of Drug Use” and “Inside: Intimidation vs. Intimidation”, breaking down the communication barriers between men and women. Ablyss Gillespie also showcased the stage play, “Submission Adultery Disease” in 2007 at the historic Silver House Theatre in Houston, Texas. A portion of the proceeds went toward AVERT a world-wide AIDS foundation. Now Ablyss revised book “Cycle of Alteration” will be available in February 2011 and Inside of Intimidation vs Intimidation the DVD is available as well! The CD version of Cycle of Alteration will be available in the spring of 2012.

Ablyss Gillespie debut her first Jazz single “Mama’s Titty” and new published poetry book “A Cycle of Alteration” in an intimate performance at the hi

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