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Basic Information
Location:Atlanta, GA
Birthday:Jun 1
Short Desc:Publicist
Description:Brand yourself as an expert with media placement.....
Public Relations: "Public relations is a strategic communication process that builds mutually beneficial relationships between organizations and their publics."

inGENEus Public Relations & Co. LLC is a communications & integrated marketing solutions agency focused in Public Relations, Social Media Management, Event Planning, Media Production, Marketing and Brand Development. The clients we focus on are Small Business, Non-Profits, Public Figures and Entertainers. Our Mission Statement is "Building the bridge while using communications tactics between our clients and their audience" . With ever inGENEus drive and strategy we push that your target audience will see that creative GENE that's inside of you.

With the way social media and digital marketing is evolving, our team is ahead of the trends and fully equipped to market your brand whether through print or digital. Promoting and protecting the image of our clients are top priority. We are not only responsible for generating a positive image and countering negative publicity if it arises but we also maintain your brand with our inGENEus tactics. Using different public relations, marketing and social media outlets we have the track record to get your message and talent out to the media so your targeted audience could see.

Ronnika Ann. Joyner, Founder and President, has dedicated her life in helping others through inGENEus PR.

"I was born to born to be a writer, trained to be a journalist, but made to be a PUBLICIST!!"

Ronnika Ann, is the leader and visionary of the company; she spearheads strategic campaigns and develops goals for each department. Her roles include delegating company objectives to each corresponding department, and managing corporate policy compliance as outlined by the company's guidelines. inGENEus PR & Co LLC. is affiliated with Ronnika's growing corporation, R.A Squared Media.

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