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A Forgotten Facebook Friend


While perusing facebook the other day, I noticed that it was the birthday of my high school friend. I immediately reminisced of times we spent together in school, during the summer and after high school. I remembered that she always knew how to make other people feel special. As we got older, I learned that while she made others feel special, she was hurting on the inside. I'd say, Maya Angelou's poem; Phenomenal Woman fit her to a tee.

At one point we lost contact but thanks to facebook - we were reunited. When we talked, it was as if time stood still. We both talked about some of the crooked turns we had taken on our life's journey. And we both found each other on a good street headed in the right direction. And just like before - she made me feel oh so special.

During our conversation, I learned that she was no longer a dietician living in Yonkers, NY but was working at a school in Virginia. I heard passion in her voice for her new profession. She talked about a little girl who reminded her of herself. She said that the little girl was chubby and the other children picked on her. She talked about how she boosted the little girls' confidence and made her feel special.

A few weeks later, I heard that she - my friend had taken ill and was in a coma. She stayed in a coma many months and eventually transitioned. On August 21, 2013 - I visited my friend's facebook page to connect, and honor the fact that her life mattered. R.I.P. Marion D. Chandler!

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