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Claudio Marques, Portuguese born Music Producer, Rapper, Singer & Songwriter, is a young music artist who only became professionally active in January 2013.

Claudio, who has been on tour as a sup... Read More



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Claudio Marques Allows Crazy Fans & Friends On Stage With Him!

On the 28th of April, Claudio Marques performed LIVE in London @ BadManners. Although Claudio has had a lot of other shows, this was his first one after the release of the Overthinking EP & Kamikaze Official Music Video. It was a wild night as we can see Claudio allowed fans & friends to jump on stage with him and get crazy, was it a good idea? 

Critics might say that the stage team should have been more strict and applied some rules on who was allowed to jump on that stage with Claudio as it got too wild at one point. Others might say that this made the show extra special and that it was a humble move from Claudio himself. What do you think? Leave your comments below. 

Photo Credits: #Larashoots
Video Credits: #AndrewBradfordPhotograph

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The promising Portuguese rapper has announced that he will be performing LIVE at 'BadManners' in London on the 28th April 2016 as well as premiering his second official music video 'Made In Lisbon'!

The hype has been real ever since Claudio Marques released the Overthinking Promotional Album. After releasing the 13-track project, Claudio shared his first official music video 'Kamikaze' where he 'showcased how passionate he is about his art'. A new unexpected music video seems to be on its way considering that it has only been 2 months after the Kamikaze Video release.

Recently Claudio posted a series of exclusive pictures/videos showing the behind the scenes of the 'Made In Lisbon Music Video', in what seems to be his next video release.
'BadManners' (Pulse8 Events) & Claudio got together this month to bring us one of the hottest hip-hop nights in London. Don't miss out on the premiere of this anticipated music video & CM's performance along side special guests such as Grei Lopes LIVE in Shoreditch, London

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*ClaudioMarques - Kamikaze* Premiered By MTV


*ClaudioMarques - Kamikaze* Premiered By MTV

The anticipated music video was finally released today. The unknown location of the video has raised more interest leaving a mysterious footprint in our mind. Claudio Marques also hinted that he could be holding a concert in London as he tweeted earlier this week "London! Did Somebody Say a CM Concert's Coming Up??" so stay tuned as it could come earlier than we thought... READ MORE AT MTV:

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MTV Premiers Official Trailer For *ClaudioMarques - Kamikaze*

Claudio Marques shocks his music supporters once again by releasing a teaser to what seems to be an exceptional music video. After releasing the outstanding 13 track music project 'Overthinking', Claudio decides to tease fans with a 50 second trailer of his up and coming music video to new track 'Kamikaze'. The track produced by Lory Beatz & DatBoyRM, gained thousands of plays within a week of it being premiered before the actual release of Overthinking. READ MORE AT MTV:

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It has been 3 weeks since the release of Claudio's 'Overthinking' Promotional Album reaching thousands of plays on SoundCloud alone. The Portuguese up and coming artist had his music supporters on edge by announcing that he was going to drop the tape only a day before the release date. The promotional album is available to download from Claudio's Site by entering your email address, however you can also stream it below!

Overthinking is Claudio's first official project, bringing him new fans, more views and a lot of attention as we witness 'Vacation' (Overthinking's Track Number 10) reach 3rd place out of the Top 400 songs of the day on [Sounds. App]

Critics say that they were expecting more Features/Collaborations on this project while others say that, it's a good way for Claudio to introduce himself to the music game by making it all about him. The 13 Track Project features Productions from Lory Beatz, DatBoyRM, Elson Barbosa, Break, Fade, Rob Castelino & Claudio Marques Himself, it also features a Fire verse from The Portuguese Born Rapper Grei Lopes! There have been some widespread rumours about an Overthinking Official Concert being organised in London so stay tuned for more info.

Take a listen to The Overthinking Promotional Album and let us know what you think. Did Marques drop one of the best Tapes this December

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[EXCLUSIVE] Preview Of The Overthinking Promotional Album **OUT NOW**

Claudio Marques leaks his very own promotional album by uploading a one track showreel of Overthinking's Best Moments!

Overthinking will be officially released later on today at 19:00, but a big number of Claudio's music supporters are already familiar with the 13 track project as it was announced yesterday that supporters can enter their email here> and Exclusively receive an email with a download link.

The Exclusive preview also reveals the track list:

1. Overthinking (Prod. By Claudio Marques)
2. Ghetto Life Story (Prod. By ClaudioMarques)
3. M.P.W (Prod. By ClaudioMarques)
4. Cobras x Sign (Prod. By ClaudioMarques)
5. ¥ung Thugz (Prod. By ClaudioMarques)
6. Interlude (AssalaMualaikum)
7. Evil Eye (Prod. By Break x ClaudioMarques)
8. Hood Lesson (Prod. By ClaudioMarques)
9. Good Lawdd (Prod. By Elson Barbosa)
10. Vacation (Prod. By Break)
11. Made In Lisbon Ft Grei Lopes (Prod. By ClaudioMarques)
12. Kamikaze (Prod. By Lory Beatz x DatBoyRM)
13. (BONUS) Last Hope Remix (Re-Prod. By ClaudioMarques)

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It has finally been announced that The Overthinking Promotional album will be released tomorrow at 19:00!!

OUT TOMORROW AT 19:00 ClaudioMarques (@lilclaudio_ISE) December 28, 2015

The Portuguese born music producer, rapper, singer & songwriter Claudio Marques, surprised he's music supporters when he tweeted earlier today that he will be releasing he's highly anticipated music project tomorrow evening.

It has also been brought to our attention that Claudio's music supporters can download the whole project **TONIGHT** by entering their email at, by doing so you don't only get an [EXCLUSIVE] listen to the entire album before everyone else but you also get to Download the whole project onto your device while others will only be able to stream it online.


The Overthinking Promotional Album will be [FREE] & streamable online however it will only be downloadable for those who enter their email at

So what are you waiting for?

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[Exclusive] ClaudioMarques - Kamikaze (Prod. By LoryBeatz x DatBoyRM)

Portuguese born music producer, rapper, singer & songwriter Claudio Marques found his passion for music during childhood.

Since 2013, Claudio has released successful songs from 'Realest N*ggas' to '#TRILL'. Now in the lead up to the release of his upcoming project Overthinking, L O S T C U L T U R E premiered his latest track 'Kamikaze'. They also caught up with Claudio Marques and got his views on his journey in the scene and what we can expect from Overthinking; READ MORE:

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[The wait is nearly over] Said Claudio on His Tweet earlier today, announcing his Promotional Album Official Cover.
Claudio has been quiet since his last release [Most Dope], although he had been giving his music supporters few hints about his first big project
[O v e r t h I n k I n g].

The Wait Is Nearly Over...â€" ClaudioMarques (@lilclaudio_ISE) September 6, 2015

Claudio has decided to finally introduce himself to the world through his different shades of thoughts. Furthermore he reveals his persona and the world he lives in. [O v e r t h I n k I n g] touches upon different aspects of life: Family, Love, Money, Sex and the negativity that comes along with success and happiness.

The Debut Promotional Album exposes Claudios secret concerning the fact that he suffers from big numbers of uncontrollable thoughts, which have now turned into music.
This is where the name [O v e r t h I k I n g] comes into play.

The broken bulb we see on the cover, metaphorically symbolizes Claudios mind overloading. The smoke illustrates the thoughts and ideas, which have now escaped to the worlds ear. Looking closely, we see a number of stars all over the night sky, which indicates the time of the day when Claudio turns the smoke (Thoughts & Ideas) into music.

The release date is still to be announced. Stay tuned for further updates.

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It has been a long time coming!

Since Claudio Marques started working on his debut Promotional Album, we haven't heard a single sound from the young artist. Today Claudio surprised his music supporters by releasing a surprise 'Freestyle'

The track goes by the name of 'Most Dope Freestyle' Featuring Grei lopes Produced by Claudio Himself!

The sound track was clearly labeled as a 'Freestyle' which means that Claudio isn't using this track for the up and coming promotional album.

No one knows what to expect but for now enjoy the latest from the Imperium Starz.

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