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Natural Beauty Pageants and Glitz Beauty Pageants Are Not The Same

Child beauty pageants seem to have a bad reputation these days after the airing of a particular TV show that highlighted little girls made up to look like they were twenty years old. Well, not all beauty pageants are equal. There are two main types of beauty pageants, glitz and natural.

Glitz beauty pageants that focus on perfection are known to be over-the-top and quite expensive to participate. The crowns and prizes are also usually big and extreme. In Glitz pageants the girls dress in elaborate cupcake style dresses, wear heavy makeup including false eyelashes. The girls have undergone spray tanning sessions and wear flippers (false teeth designed by dentists to hide gaps and imperfections in the real teeth). Contestants are also allowed to wear fake hair pieces like falls and extensions. Glitz is all about creating an illusion. Natural beauty pageants on the other hand are the exact opposite of glitz pageants.

Natural beauty pageants focus more on the true appearance of the contestant and their personality and are typically not as expensive to participate. Elaborate gowns with heavy rhinestone details are not allowed. Makeup is not allowed for contestants under the age of thirteen. Contestants thirteen years old and older are only allowed to wear light makeup that enhances their natural beauty without altering or covering up their natural beauty. Fake hair of any type is not allowed. As a matter of fact, nothing false is allowed. False nails, spray tans, and false lashes will not be found at a natural pageant. In natural beauty pageants kids look like the kids that they are.

Which pageant a parent chooses to let their child participate in is a matter of preference. Glitz pageants would be the way to go if the parent and child love to dress up and change their appearance. Natural beauty pageants are not as popular as glitz pageants, but natural beauty pageants would be the way to go if the parent wants the child to stay true to who they are

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"Natural" Pageants Don't Always Mean Natural Hair!


I've attended many "Natural" beauty pageants in my life time and I've come to realize that "natural" is not the same for everyone. For some pageant systems it means no makeup, no spray tanning, no flippers, and no false eyelashes, and last, but not least, no fake hair. Fake hair is a no, no, but what about natural hair?

Time and time again I've seen beautiful girls in natural beauty pageants miss out on the "Prettiest Hair" award because their hair does not conform to the traditional pageant hair style. Natural ought to be what's natural for that contestant and what looks good on them. It shouldn't matter if the contestant is wearing an up-do, braids, a bun or Afro puffs. Her hair should be a compliment to her style, her personality and who she is. It shouldn't matter if her hair is curly, straight, or wavy as long as she knows how to wear it with style and confidence.

Everyone should have an opportunity to win the Prettiest Hair award and not just those that fit into a particular mold

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