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Jesse Parks
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Birthday:Apr 8
Short Desc:Music Producer
Description:Jesse Parks is already on his way to becoming one of the most prominent music producers in Chicago. He comes from a family of singers, rappers, DJs, and producers. He was exposed to music as far back as he can remember. With both of his parents being from Belize, he was partially influenced by Reggae, Soca as well as Soul, R&B, and the Blues. Growing up he was inspired by Old School. He started off beat boxing and making beats on the Thornridge cafeteria lunch tables with his fists and pens. It wasn't until December 1st of 2002 at age 16 when he decided to pursue his life long dream by giving music production a try and he made his first beat. He continued to enhance his skills for the next few years until he made himself known to almost every local music artist on Chicago's southside and in the neighboring suburbs. People would trip out on how he always used to walk around all day everyday with his headphones on. He took his music everywhere and he made everybody he came around hear the newest music that he made. Beat CD after beat CD after beat CD his reputation for music grew and over time, so did his ever-increasing love for music. The most distinctive things about his tracks were the rapid hi-hats, the ear catching melodies, and his trademark whistle. When he perfected the art of chopping up samples, his creativity led him to sample video games and movies. Everyday he proceeds to practice, review, and go over one thing or another so that he can advance further in his craft. Over time his sound continued to evolve until he attained the skills that will give him the flair he needs to become recognized by real music lovers for many years to come. His passion for music is so deep that he says that he plans on making beats for the rest of his life. Like any other real artist he uses his artistic ability as an outlet to express himself and this results in him not only making hip-hop beats but also Reggae, R&B, Rock and even music that could be used in movie scores.

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