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The Street Pound Beatdown


STREET POUND'S Newest Release 'SiCK' Available Worldwide and Now Playing on Street Pound Radio!!

STREET POUND's next smash single 'SiCK' was just released today on iTunes, Google Play, Amazon, Apple Music, Spotify, Tidal, and many more digital platforms Worldwide! This song balances freaky and sexy at the same time, while giving the listeners at the strip club, or the night club, an addictive hook that will stay with you eternally. Cornerstone artists BADazz LUCK and K-Slicc tha GR8 delivers the lyrics to this dope and immersive track. Coming off of the success of their previous single 'So Xclusive'...STREET POUND appears to be leveling up even further with this one! SiCK can also be heard right here in heavy rotation on the STREET POUND RADIO APP!!

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STREET POUND Performing Live In ATLANTA During SUPERBOWL LIII Weekend!!!

BADazz LUCK, Lo$ta, & K-Slicc tha GR8 kickoff 2k19 with their first performance of the year in Atlanta! Street Pound will be sharing the stage with a host of past and present greats; CRIME MOB, SHOP BOYZ, D4L, TRANSLEE, and KISSIE LEE! And Hosted By LOVE AND HIP HOP's "SHOOTER"!!

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STREET POUND Releases Sensationally Hot New Video To Hit Single SO XCLUSIVE!!!

BRACE YOURSELF for the long awaited release of STREET POUND's chart-topping single SO XCLUSIVE! Newly released on STREET POUND's YouTube channel (and can also be watched here on the STREET POUND RADIO app). Shot in ATLANTA by acclaimed Director and Movie-Maker ANTHONY QUINN and featuring the "Viral Queen" aka "The Body Paint Princess", BOSS TEC (Recent CITY GIRLS $25k Twerk Challenge runner-up). Alongside STREET POUND's cornerstone artists K-SLICC, LO$TA, BADazz LUCK, and chief producer STAN "TRONIK" WASHINGTON this video "Sizzles" and push the boundaries of "Hot" as only STREET POUND can do

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Street Pound's Next Single RUN DAT AZZ DOWN Now Playing Exclusively On Street Pound Radio!!

Street Pound's BADazz LUCK and Lo$ta team up with vocal sensation Chris 'PM' Jones to produce this gritty, street anthem! This next installment in their incredible catalog was produced, engineered, and mixed by none other than Stan "TRONIK" Washington; whom produced Tip'n 2 Slow, 20 Twerks, I'm Gon Fight, and Go Live! RUN DAT AZZ DOWN which is now playing exclusively on Street Pound Radio will soon be released on all platforms (such as Google Play, iTunes, Tidal, Spotify, ect.) worldwide

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STREET POUND's Sensational BTS interview with DJ READY ROB on 101.1 the Beat Nashville now posted..

STREET POUND has now posted the XCLUSIVE Behind The Scenes Video of their Interview on 101.1 THE BEAT with DJ READY ROB on Saturday AUG. 18th to their YouTube channel (StreetPound). This interview may prove to be historic! Lo$ta, K-Slicc tha Gr8, and BADazz LUCK aka Infamous (CEO) provided the audience an informative backdrop to their rise...and a glimpse into their immediate future! All while DJ READY ROB kept it entertaining! See it for yourself! Goto the STREET POUND YouTube channel and WATCH...DON'T FORGET TO SUBSCRIBE!! Or you can watch it right here on the STREET POUND RADIO APP

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Special Appearance by NIMA Awards Sponsor STREET POUND on New Wave Wednesdays at PONOBES

STREET POUND PRODUCTIONS will be making a special appearance to honor NIMA Award Nominees at PONOBES on New Wave Wednesday on 8-22-18. This event is one of many leading up to the NIMA AWARDS Ceremony at the HOTEL PRESTON on 8-26-18 in Nashville TN. [Nashville Industry Music Awards

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STREET POUND PRODUCTIONS Continues Their Triumphant Rise With Their Latest Single "So Xclusive"Still receiving mass feedback and support for their previous releases, STREET POUND PRODUCTIONS is keeping the motion of success and grind going. First hitting the scene with the single "Tip'N 2 Slow" featuring Diamond of Crime Mob, they immediately topped charts with the energy presented and original feel to their vibe. With fans anxiously waiting, SPP engineer and producer, Stan "TRONIK" Washington laced another hot single (with assistance from Lo$ta and BADazz Luck) titled "GO LIVE." The second single caught fire as fast as the first and together led to over a million combined streams, plays, views, fans and followers.Now returning with another slammin' single, "So Xclusive," STREET POUND PRODUCTIONS continues to rise in the streets and on the charts. And this one come with amazingly animated lyric video that is capturing the listeners attention quickly. Produced by the newest member on the SPP roster, K-SLICC THA GREAT, who also features on the single along side Lo$ta and BADazz Luck, is showing how independent hustling is done. All in house. And with "So Xclusive" immediately hitting Spotify and Digital Radio, it is quickly gaining massive numbers and rising on the DRT Global Charts. Check it out today and get to know STREET POUND PRODUCTIONS, because they are on their way to an everlasting presence at the top

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STREET POUND's New Release will feature the future of Street Pound, artist/producer, K-SLICC...

"SO XCLUSIVE" featuring the dynamic duo of Lo$ta and BADazz LUCK is the next release coming in the first quarter of 2k18 from STREET POUND PRODUCTIONS. This is the follow-up single to "GO LIVE" which top the DRT charts for 8 MONTHS STRAIGHT! And created a major buzz for this label in the industry!

Now the time has come to roll out the red carpet for STREET POUND's well kept secret! K-SLICC tha GREAT...will be featured as not only an artist, but also the producer on the next heat "SO XCLUSIVE"! This single will signal a new era from anything previously heard from Street Pound. 2k18 will definitely start off with a BANG

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STREET POUND Performs wit DIAMOND to Kick-Off the Release of Her New Single "SASSY"!!!

Street Pound Productions' Lo$ta & BADazz LUCK will be PERFOMING LIVE at HAVEN LOUNGE on FRIDAY NOV 3rd to celebrate the release of DIAMOND's Blazing Hot New Single "SASSY"!This Performance will also spearhead an upcoming tour combining the artists whom have already collaborated on the chart-topping single "TIP'N 2 SLOW" featuring the talents of the Platinum-selling artist DIAMOND! The Self-Proclaimed "Party Kings" will be nothing less than Impressive coming off their stellar TSU HOMECOMING WEEKEND performance...sharing the stage with CARDI B!This night will also include HOODRICH'S DJ SCREAM, DJ C BLENDZ, and Hosted by AMBER JAIIThis will be a night to remember!

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LO$TA, BADazz LUCK, & M.A.C. opens up for CARDI B at LIMELIGHT EVENT CENTER on TSU HOMECOMING WEEKEND! This event will be one of the premier events happening during this historic annual weekend which brings people to the city of NASHVILLE from all over the country! CARDI B is currently breaking records and topping charts! And STREET POUND'S GO LIVE! single is currently entering its 5th month on the DRT CHARTS and on NASHVILLE FM RADIO

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