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Def Jam's newest artist YFL Kelvin has just drop a new album "Neva Lookin Back" Check out his new single off that album "Racks On Me"

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Dave Chappelle And Colin Kaepernick To Receive Harvard's W.E.B. Du Bois Medal
Wal-Mart.com USA, LLC

Dave Chappelle and Colin Kaepernick will reportedly be honored for their contributions to black history. The two are among eight recipients to receive Harvard University’s W.E.B. Du Bois Medal, the Ivy League announced on Thursday (Sept. 20).The other honorees include: Kenneth Chenault, chairman and a managing director of General Catalyst; Shirley Ann Jackson, president of Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute; Pamela Joyner, founder of Avid Partners, LLC; psychologist and author Florence Ladd; Bryan Stevenson, founder and executive director of the Equal Justice Initiative; and artist Kehinde Wiley.

Both Kaepernick and Chappelle had have quite the journey in their professional lives. Kaepernick, in particular, created a massive buzz after he opted to kneel during the national anthem in protest of police brutality and social injustice. His recent ad campaign with Nike further stirred the pot, prompting nationwide protests and boycotts. Despite the backlash, Kaepernick maintained a level head and passion for social justice, donating millions to organizations specializing in specific social issues.

Chappelle, has also contributed a lot to the world of TV and film. The comedian has starred in, written, and produced several productions and hosted his own show on Comedy Central. He’s earned not only two Emmy’s, but a Grammy as well.

Dave Chappelle, Colin Kaepernick, and the other six recipients will be honorer by the Hutchins Center for African American Research at Harvard on Oct. 11.

via: http://www.wlgkradio.com/headlines/dave-chappelle-and-colin-kaepernick-to-receive-harvards-web-du-bois-meda

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Kidd Kenn Speaks On Being An Openly Gay Rapper From Chicago, His Influences & More On iLLANOiZE Radi
Sparkling water always available at home with a touch of a button

By: Bekoe

Kidd Kenn is bold, ambitious, and could care less about what someone has to say about him.

​Chicago Southside native Kidd Kenn sat with us via iLLANOiZE Radio for an intriguing discussion, in which we chopped it up about people labeling him as the first openly gay Chicago rapper, as well as his viral remix to FBG Duck's "Slide," that caught the attention of many. 

As we conversed, Kenn gave us the outs and ins of being a gay rapper, and he also expressed his love for Nicki Minaj, explaining how she influenced him to create the name Kidd Kenn.

Later during our chat we learned, who Kenn would like to work with, as well as the meaning behind his recent project "Childish."​Press play below, and get to know more about who Kidd Kenn is, as well as what he stands for. After watching leave feedback within our comment section, and don't forget to spread the NOiZE.

via: http://www.wlgkradio.com/headlines/kidd-kenn-speaks-on-being-an-openly-gay-rapper-from-chicago-his-influences-more-on-illanoize-radi

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Former Drummer Files Restraining Order Against Beyonce Over "Extreme Witchcraft"
Smart Driving, Easy Journey

Kimberly Thompson, a former drummer for Beyonce, has reportedly filed a civil harassment restraining order against the Queen Bey, according to court records reviewed by Pitchfork. ​Thompson is alleging that Beyonce is a practicing member of “extreme witchcraft” and used “magic spells of sexual molestation” to harass her.It’s unclear what “spells of sexual molestation” entails. Thompson is also accusing Beyonce of murdering her pet kitten, although the motive behind the alleged death is unclear as well.

Thompson’s temporary restraining order request was reportedly denied by a Los Angeles Superior Court on Sept. 19, but there is a hearing scheduled to review the order on Oct. 11.

via: http://www.wlgkradio.com/headlines/former-drummer-files-restraining-order-against-beyonce-over-extreme-witchcraf

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Daredevil Season 3 Gets It's Premiere Date


Daredevil Season 3 Gets It's Premiere Date

While season 2 of Marvel's Iron Fist is still going strong on Netflix, the streaming company has reveled the premiere date for the long awaited season 3 of Daredevil. All 13 episodes of the new season will be available to stream starting Friday, October 19th. Daredevil Season 3 marks the Marvel/Netflix universe's fourth release of 2018, following Jessica Jones Season 2 (in March), Luke Cage Season 2 (June) and Iron Fist Season 2 (September). Fold in The Punisher's November 2017 debut, and that's five MarvelFlix drops inside of a year.?

You can check out the latest trailer for Daredevil Season 3 below.

via: http://www.wlgkradio.com/headlines/daredevil-season-3-gets-its-premiere-dat

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Serena Williams Portrayed In Racist Newspaper Cartoon


Serena Williams Portrayed In Racist Newspaper Cartoon
RB Audiobooks USA LLC

By Sonshine Wiley

Mark Knight of the Australian Newspaper, the Herald Sun, decided that in the wake of all the controversy going on around the US Open match Between Serena Williams and Naomi Osaka he'd toss his hat in the ring. King created a racist cartoon that depicts Williams with over-sized features in a complete frenzy destroying her tennis racket perceivably because she wasn't winning.

?He is sure to include a pacifier so that it is clear she is portrayed in a toddler tantrum like form. One thing to notice as well is that he decided not only to retain the features in the umpire, Carlos Ramos who also was a part of the interaction, but significantly reduced the stature and features of Williams Opponent, Osaka. She is not recognizably Haitian or Japanese. She looks like a blonde caucasian woman. Knight is undergoing much backlash for his tasteless caricature of a life altering day for both Naomi Osaka and Serena Williams. His responses to critics have been brash and sarcastic. As of now, this has not been retracted nor has there been an apology from the Herald Sun.  

Much is to be recognized about this and the societal norms surrounding the perception of women in prestigious places especially those of color. Women are not given the same treatment as men who also have done and exceeded the level of passion or resistance Williams displayed in the US Open tournament. Women are not expected to respond with such fervor to male authority figures, and this is the sad reality.

Women's rights have been fought for and many achieved but are still not recognized or respected by many. In the wake several social movements, much is still to be done for those breaking barriers in Women's equality. 


via: http://www.wlgkradio.com/headlines/serena-williams-portrayed-in-racist-newspaper-cartoo

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Fadah Speaks On Smoking For The First Time, Staying Consistent & More On iLLANOiZE Radio

Photo by @RawRulerImagesBy: Bekoe
Fadah makes his way to station to chop it up about life music and more.
​For our recent episode of iLLANOiZE radio, Chicago Southside native Fadah, stopped by to chat about how he balances music and college, his first time smoking marijuana, and how he’s managed to stay consistent without releasing new music.

Fadah also gave us the full break down on his latest single “Merch." You can check out the the official video directed by DGainz below.
As we gave our closing remarks. Fadah discussed what we could expect in the near future as well as the concept for his project entitled “Destiny.” After streaming, his latest project below, make sure to leave feedback within our comment section, and don’t forget to spread the NOiZE.

via: http://www.wlgkradio.com/headlines/fadah-speaks-on-smoking-for-the-first-time-staying-consistent-more-on-illanoize-radi

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Mac Miller Dead At 26 Of An Apparent Overdose


Mac Miller Dead At 26 Of An Apparent Overdose

​Warner Bros. MC Mac Miller has reportedly died of an apparent overdose at the age of 26. According to TMZ, the musician was pronounced dead on Friday (Sept. 7).

The rapper is originally from Pittsburgh, and his latest LP Swimming was released in July 2018, his follow-up to his critically-acclaimed 2016 effort The Divine Feminine. The latter effort focuses on themes such as love and relationships. He ended a high-profile relationship with pop singer Ariana Grande, who he collaborated with in the past.

Miller has reportedly struggled with substance abuse issues, and was recently charged with DUI for a hit-and-run car crash back in May.

via: http://www.wlgkradio.com/headlines/mac-miller-dead-at-26-of-an-apparent-overdos

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Mixed Match Challenge Finals To Take Place At WWE TLC; New Tournament Rules, Show Format, More

WWE's Mixed Match Challenge™ will return for season 2, streaming live exclusively on Facebook Watch on Tuesday nights beginning September 18 at 10 p.m. ET.

The series will be available in the U.S. and, for the first time, now stream live on Facebook Watch in Australia, Brazil, France, Germany, Indonesia, Mexico, Philippines, Spain, Thailand and Vietnam. Fans can follow the Mixed Match Challenge Facebook Page to add episodes to their personal Watchlists.New elements for season 2 include: 14 episodes, each 30 minutes in length; a round-robin elimination format; two matches in each show; and an interactive pre-show beginning at 9:50 p.m. ET. In addition, the season 2 finale will take place during WWE’s TLC pay-per-view event on Sunday, December 16.
Mixed Match Challenge Participants
Mixed Match Challenge season 2 is a round-robin mixed tag team tournament, where male and female Superstars from Raw and SmackDown Live team up to determine which combination of strength, skill, athleticism and experience reigns supreme.
Monday Night Raw
Alexa Bliss™ and Braun Strowman®
​Alicia Fox® and Jinder Mahal™
Kevin Owens™ and Natalya®
Bayley™ and Finn Bálor®
Bobby Lashley® and Sasha Banks®SmackDown Live
AJ Styles® and Charlotte Flair®
​The Miz® and Asuka™
​R-Truth® and Carmella™
​​Jimmy Uso™ and Naomi®
​Rusev® and Lana®
Each season 2 episode will reflect a progressive approach to production, with elements optimized for mobile consumption and social interaction, including the ability for fans to engage with Superstars during the show. Fans will also have the opportunity to vote on different aspects that directly impact the action for all 14 episodes on Facebook Watch throughout the season.

The unique storylines for Mixed Match Challenge season 2 will continue between episodes across WWE’s Facebook Pages with short-form videos and social content. WWE will also promote and recap each episode across its extensive digital and social footprint, including on the Mixed Match Challenge Facebook Page.

via: http://www.wlgkradio.com/headlines/mixed-match-challenge-finals-to-take-place-at-wwe-tlc-new-tournament-rules-show-format-mor

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$noop Takes Us 'Inside The Stark Tower' In His Exclusive Q+A Interview.

By: GroovNuke

GroovNuke and $NOOP discuss the release of $NOOP's first official project 'Iron Man 400 Stark', the 'Stark Tower', feedback from his first release and so much more. â€‹
Proud of my brother @dbsnoop4 if you knew what it took
(@GroovNuke) August 10, 2018"Can't wait til I can say I really made it. Iron Man 400 Stark, no need to grade it"

" You know this sh*t hard don't try to shade it."
Lyrics by $noop.
If you haven't been in the loop with $noop and his first project 'Iron Man 400 Stark', what are you waiting for?

It's been almost month since the release of his debut project. $noop is still cooking up more heat in the meantime and still makes it his daily mission to continue to push his craft and improve. BBoy produced the full project with the exception of NEW Pesos (prod. Johnny Bangz), and DC engineered the project.

$noop turned pain, loss, and many long nights into triumph. Thus the Iron Man 400 Stark era began. Sometimes you just got to throw on the armor and get ready for what's in front of you. He took pride in embracing the Tony Stark persona on this one, turned his greatest thoughts into the Stark Tower. What is that exactly? You're about to find out through our Q+A interview. GroovNuke: So bro, let the people know WHAT EXACTLY is the Stark Tower? 

$noop: The Stark Tower is just my way of thinking, a way of life. You know, in Tony Stark's tower can oversee everything and that's just my view of life. That's when it was born. I Am Iron MAN 400 Stark. 

Groovnuke:  Describe the process of making the intro. 'Stark Tower'. You said a lot on there that will leave people wondering about your life, but you also left room for people to turn back to reflect on theirs. 

$NOOP: After I got into the project, I just had the beat and realized it was cold as hell. So I wrote to it a few times and it came together. I got good feedback and they all said I should make it my intro so I went with it. 

GroovNuke: Did you plan for a project with no features, or did it just go down like that? 

$noop: I had a few features lined up, but we were on two different pages when the time came. But it's all good. 

On the intro to 'Iron Man 400 Stark', $noop brings the people in with his tough storytelling and vivid lines. 

"You don't live how I live you don't know my position. So many days ain't have a pot to piss, nothing to sh*t in. Now every time I hit the stu I treat it like a way in. I swear I never want to leave, DC can I stay in?"  

The process of making this project was no easy one for $noop, and he expressed it throughout the project. When you have low moments and you create something special such as a project, the grind speaks for itself. All the late nights in the stu, pushing for promotion, and everything is surely due to pay off for $noop. The grind to get known is becoming scarce. A lot of people are afraid to get 10 toes down for where they want to be in life. $noop on the other hand, he gone step. 

Groovnuke: Describe your Coast2Coast LIVE experience? 

$noop: It was a good experience. Shoutout to Arizona y'all got some good people out there. It could've been a better show though. A lot of things I didn't like but I made the most of it from the time I was there until the time I left. I should've had show versions of my tracks, but it's cool I can take a 81/100.  

GroovNuke: Who were your biggest rap inspirations coming up? Who are some you model yourself after these days? 

$noop: Man, Herb. You know I rock with Herb heavy it been like that since the jump.Boosie, Meek Mill, Bump J, Bankroll Fresh rip StreetMoneyWorldwide, all my fallen soldiers everybody I do this for. 

GroovNuke: How old were you exactly when you started rapping?

$noop: I started out jotting down rhymes in the fifth grade. Came a long way from that. Seventh and Eighth grade I got back into it but in high school is when I really jumped in the booth. I wish I took it seriously back then because I could've been reached this point of progress. 

GroovNuke: If you had to play one of your songs in front of people who've never listened to you to put them on, what would it be? 

$noop: 'Fortnite'. That's the song everybody rocking with for the most part. It's a real attention grabber because Fortnite is a real trendy game right now. "Baby I play in the shadows, don't know if I'm awake or my eyes closed."View this post on InstagramShout my Boyy @400snoop This FortNite Go Brazyy Ofn Make Sure Y’all Check out my boy mixtape on YouTube called Iron Man 400 Stark Shit a Straight Drop â-¡â-¡â-¡â-¡â-¡â-¡â-¡â-¡â-¡â-¡â-¡â-¡â-¡â-¡â-¡â-¡â-¡â-¡ Go follow my Boy link will be on his page in his bio â-¡â-¡â-¡â-¡ @400snoop Keep Grinding luv ma dude
A post shared by ShakeyFunnyAzz (@shakeyfunnyazz) on Aug 29, 2018 at 5:37pm PDT
"One day my name gone fill arenas, doing encores" 

GroovNuke: Recently, Shakey came through with the IG co-sign for one of your singles'Fortnite', tell me how that happened.

$NOOP: I really been reaching out to him trying to work but I hit him up about the project and he found 'Fortnite' on YouTube and rocked with it. I been f*cking with Shakey one of the funniest in the city and he from the land so he got to feel it. Shoutout Shakey one time.

GroovNuke: Hold on bro I got to ask this, why don't you play&nbs

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