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Basic Information
Location:Wichita, KS
Birthday:Dec 26
Short Desc:Hip-Hop Artist / Producer & Entrepreneur
Description:"Music has come a long way from what it use to be to what it is now and it will forever continue to change, however, there are two things that stay consistent; the passion and the ability to create great music", that's what BuddyRoe believes when it comes to being a Music Producer/Artist. "Your Passion for music has to be at a peak that you barely reach on a daily basis and your ability to create great music has to be at a constant or it will be hard to keep up in this business".
BuddyRoe always knew in his heart that music would be the one thing excelling him to a level inside of him never reached before. "While growing up listening to music, I've never really paid much attention to what the artist had to say, more so was listening to the beat and how it made you move". BuddyRoe was introduced to music around the age of seven where he picked up his musical background through church. His mother required him to be in active participation with the church so he watched and followed his cousin as he played the music (drums & piano). But being born and coming from a small town in Centreville, MS, there wasn't much influence that one could gain from to become something so successful. "All I could remember growing up there was the poverty-stricken atmosphere & family, but i loved it, that's how we grew up". A change of scenery took part in his life when BuddyRoe moved to New Orleans via parents, that's when being around his cousin in church and the city life itself sorta took a hold on him. "I loved and still do love New Orleans to this day, ain't no place like it". It seem that BuddyRoe really never took music as serious as he should have. With pretty much all of the family in the area, the joys and pressure of following behind his older cousins in and out the streets preceded with him more than the music did. However, hip-hop was first introduced to BuddyRoe back in Mississippi listening to the Beastie Boys, UGK and a few other Southern Rappers at the time..."I never grew up listening to Rakim & Eric B, Krs-One like everybody else say they do, I'm from the South! we only messed with our"
Years passed where BuddyRoe found himself moving from New Orleans and heading north to the Mid-west of the Map (Wichita, KS), Very much of a culture shock from the South, BuddyRoe tried to adapt to a new culture of living but never really let it become a part of him. After living in Wichita, KS for some months, He ran into some people that changed his life completely. BuddyRoe collectively work on music throughout friendships, always honing the craft of creating beats. This also was a point in his musical journey where his mind also opened to a hip hop culture shock, realizing that there was tons of great music throughout the world besides the South.
"Yeah, everybody before has built there style off from someone or something, the solution is knowing how to take what you heard or seen, mold it into your creativity to make some totally fresh and rejuvenating. BuddyRoe Production skills as beat maker goes 10 years in. Not taking any personal lessons on music (except High school Band), BuddyRoe was hand-on and self-taught himself. Having a profound sound of his own, one may think that style was created from the like of Dr. Dre, Timberland, Kayne West. His production is very signature of his drum placements. His lyrical skills is set 10yrs in also. He has a great delivery and a smooth tone to match. His flashy and witty wordplay also captures the ears of those on more of the lyrical content side of music. His topics are not normally of the common themes that you hear in most music today, but of those that may seem to be of the topic; which includes current event with the world to the trial of the street, something fun for the clubs and relations; his creativity makes it sound like something new.
"Yes, my main goal is to create myself with the artistry side as well as the production side and to market into the mainstream of music.

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