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Business owner and Multimedia mogul Jillianne Veronica Harris is not your average woman. This insightful entrepreneur is not only an exceptional inspiration, she is incompatible when it comes to other... Read More






New Podcast Alert! "These Are Our Confessions & Your Questions!" :)

Episode 2 is here!
We're answering your DEEPEST SECRET Relationship Questions.. with our Confessions! ;)

Listen to my man Dub22 and I converse. Male verses Female...
You don't want to miss this!

Download the JustatouchofJ App if you don't have it!
Tap the (ListentoV) icon on the JustatouchofJ Mobile App to listen.. or
(click the link below)


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New Podcast Alert! Listen To My Cohost And I's Q&A Confession!

Hey Kings And Queens!
Good Afternoon.

Relationship Questions?
We've got answers!
Listen to my cohost and I answer your Questions with our Confessions. ;)

This is #JustATouchof_J

Listen on the (JustatouchofJ) Mobile App in the (ListentoV) section or click the link below!


I love you all! :

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Good Morning Loves! Here's JsFitTip Of The Week!

With the growth of social media as a platform to share information, veganism is becoming more visible, and could be becoming more accepted in sports and in the health and fitness industry.

Accurate representation, optimal health, nutrition and fitness can come hand in hand with choosing a plant-based diet. Whether you're already an athlete in training, fitness fanatic, health-conscious or just want to feel like high-protein meals without any form of meat or dairy will have you feeling energized to do your gym-thing.

The right plant-based foods can be excellent sources of protein and other nutrients, often with fewer calories than animal products.

Some plant products, such as soy beans and quinoa, are complete proteins, which means that they contain all nine essential amino acids that humans need. Others are missing some of these amino acids, so eating a varied diet is important.

Due to the diet being naturally anti-inflammatory, it is said that a plant based diet can quicken recovery times and even improve mental clarity, helping many people stay focused.

Above are somethings that you can implement into your diet for a healthier vegan lifestyle.

This is #JustATouchof_J
Check out my latest podcast on the (JustatouchofJ) Mobile App in the (ListentoV) section!

Or click the link below to listen to my cohost Dub22 and I answer our viewers questions with our CONFESSIONS!

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Salute To All My Mothers.. Here's A Happy Mother's Day Tribute Song :)

Happy Mother's Day to all my Queens!
Here is a song for you!


Or listen on the (JustatouchofJ App) in the (ListentoV) section!

I hope today is special for you and that it brings you so much joy.

Thank you for all the sacrifices you've made. No one knows how you did it but you do! All those silent tears you've cried.. all those times you had to swallow your pride. You gave life.. You're Awesome! Smile beautiful! Amazing is what you are. You deserve all the love you receive..

Remember that!
Much love to you..

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Happy Saturday! Listen to my New Podcast about 5 Relationship Questions we all want answered!

Hey Kings And Queens! How are you doing on this lovely Saturday?
I hope you're having an awesome day!
Check out my latest podcast where my male cohost and I give our Confessions! 

We've been asked 5 questions.. 

1.) Going back to your ex.. is it ok?

2.) Should you be friends with your Ex? If so.. how? What if you still have feelings?

3.) No oral sex in 20 yrs of marriage? Men vs women! Is it Good or bad?

4.) Breakups .. how do you do it? Ph, text, email, letters, family, starting arguments..?

5.) Mate Check list? Is it Godly or just purely your desires?

Let's talk about it!

To hear both discussion.. tap the (ListentoV) section on the JustatouchofJ App.

Or click the links below!



This is #JustATouchof_

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Happy Sunday's Kings And Queens! JustATouchofJ's Inspirational Sunday's Is Now Available.

Hey loves!
All videoclips from JustATouchofJ's INSPIRATIONAL SUNDAY's on Instagram will now be available on the JustatouchofJ App!

Tap the "Video of the Day" icon in the tap for more section of your app to view!

Check out my latest "CAR ACCIDENT" radio podcast on the JustatouchofJ App too in the (ListentoV) section!

Also make sure to listen to my weekly BATHTUB CONFESSIONS radio podcast as well. Hear me discuss anything and everything while bathing. :)

I love you all!
Thank you for your support!
Happy cinco de Mayo!!!
Have a awesome day!


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Director John Singleton dead at 51. He taught us that vision was possible.. so His Legacy Lives!

John Singleton, a versatile director who made it big with "Boyz n the Hood," and went on to a variety of projects including "2 Fast 2 Furious," died Monday April 29, 2019 after suffering from a stroke many days ago.... He was 51.

Singleton was just 23 years old when he wrote and directed "Boyz n the Hood," becoming the first African American, and the youngest person ever to receive an Oscar nomination for best director.

In 2002, "Boyz N the Hood" was added to the National Film Registry by the Library of Congress, which called it "an innovative look at life and the tough choices present for kids growing up in South Central Los Angeles. The groundbreaking nature of this film took a deep personal look into the reality of the urban struggle. Yet Singleton's career highlights not only the significance of that movie, but his progress since.

Like many who achieve early success, Singleton was destined to be most closely identified with his debut accomplishment. Despite directing movies in different genres through the 1990s and 2000s, he eventually expressed frustration with the studio system, and funneled his efforts into television. Singleton love showcasing diverse voices on TV, I'm talking the kind of intimate storytelling that "Boyz in the Hood" represented.

None of Singleton's subsequent movies received the acclaim of "Boyz N the Hood," and he was criticized at times for turning characters into mouthpieces for political and social messages.

Notably.. Singleton's latest project, the FX series "Snowfall," deals with many of the same themes that "Boyz" explored nearly three decades ago, chronicling the onset of the crack cocaine epidemic. The format has allowed that story to unfold gradually from multiple perspectives, without the pressures that have prompted the major studios to focus their resources on theatrical blockbusters.

In addition to films like "Baby Boy" and "Poetic Justice," Singleton also directed mass entertainment, including the first sequel to "The Fast and the Furious" and the "Shaft" remake, starring Samuel L. Jackson.

Few projects, however, can rival the mix of cultural influence, commercial success and artistic merit that "Boyz n the Hood" combined, a story that Singleton always said he had "lived" before making it.

John Singleton was married twice and leaves behind five children. Besides his career in movies, Singleton also directed the video for Michael Jackson's "Remember the Time," which included Eddie Murphy and Magic Johnson. He cast hip-hop artists and other musicians in many of his films, including Ice Cube in "Boyz N the Hood," Janet Jackson and Shakur in "Poetic Justice" and Tyrese Gibson in "Baby Boy."

In the outpouring of tributes to Singleton, many are saddened by his death, and miss him dearly. Singleton had been in a coma following a stroke 12 days earlier. His family had previously revealed the medical episode, but few details had been made available about the seriousness of his condition until he passed today. 

Singleton Once said.. 
"There's hardly any precedent for a guy like me to have the career that I've had. Because I grew up the way I grew up, I'm an in-your-face kind of guy. I developed that as a defense mechanism to survive in the streets. I do that in Hollywood in the service of my passion."   RIP Mr. John Singleton .. you most definitely did!

Jillianne Harris (Author) #JustATouchof_

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Good Morning Loves! Here's JsFitTip Of The Week!


Good Morning Loves! Here's JsFitTip Of The Week!

Good day loves! It's time for JsFitTips of the week!

Did you know that consuming certain foods can lead to a reduction in body fat? When a person adds fat-burning foods to their diet, they can burn fat and lose weight over time. Some other fat-burning foods are eggs, nuts, and oily fish.

The term "fat-burning foods" may apply to those that produce fat loss by stimulating metabolism, reducing appetite, or reducing overall food intake.

All foods stimulate metabolism. However, some types of food, such as chili peppers, might have a larger impact on metabolism than others. Eating these foods can lead to weight loss.

Certain foods, such as nuts, can also offset hunger for longer than others. Consuming these foods definitely help control appetite and reduce overall food intake, leading to weight loss.
I love fat burning foods.. nuts are my favorite! #justatouchof_j

Eating fat-burning foods helped me shed 50lbs. They can help you drop pounds also, and potentially reverse diabetes. It also reduces your risk of obesity, which has been linked to a higher risk of cancers. Introducing more fat-burning foods can also boost energy levels and help you feel better about yourself all around.

If you're eager to add more fat-burning foods into your diet, lose weight and feel great, try some of the foods above.

Check out one of latest podcast: https://anchor.fm/JustATouchof_J/episodes/Damn---Making-Love-In-Vs-Kitchen-Baby-e3s2oc/Damn---Making-Love-In-Vs-Kitchen-Baby-adsi3t

DOWNLOAD MY JustatouchofJ APP and listen there.. join my 21k (justatouchofj) podcast listeners to hear about any and everything!

Follow me on Instagram @makingloveinvskitchen for my original food and recipes @mynameisroni76 for that work! And @justatouchofj (JsFitNess) for all that fitness motivation.
Selflove is key!
I love you all

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Listen To Me Answer 24 Questions! It's Time For J's Q&A's !

Good day Kings And Queens!
Happy Sunday!

I hand picked 24 Questions sent in by viewers, and answered them honestly. :)

Listen on my JustatouchofJ App in the (ListentoV) section or click the link: https://anchor.fm/JustATouchof_J/episodes/24-Questions-from-you---answered-by-Me--JustATouchof_J-e3s5ni/24-Questions-from-you---answered-by-Me--JustATouchof_J-adsugi

This is #Justatouchof_J
I love you all!
Have an awesome day

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Good Afternoon Kings And Queens! It's Time For J's Question And Answers!

Hey loves! Are you ready for me to put it all out there in pieces for you?

Join my 21k podcast listeners by simply asking me anything!

Need advice? Who's the love of my life? Want to know my views on Divorce? Relationship problem? First date issues? Single parenting questions? Food inquiries? Social media marketing questions? Struggling with self esteem?
Weight loss issues..? Ask me how I lost 50lbs? How did I over come my greatest adversities? Advertising questions? How did I build my brand? ...
The list goes on and on.

No question is too personal! Ask away! :)

I'll be taking some of the best questions and turning them into fully fledged articles in the next few months. So there's also a chance that you'll get your question answered as well as a back feature if I decide to cover your topic in more detail.

You don't want to miss this!
This is #Justatouchof_J

Click the link below to experience more of Justatouchof_J ..


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