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Suk talks through his experiences and pain in new single "My Life"

Growing up life has a way of teaching you lessons when you don't want them. Pain is the biggest lesson you learn but time is the only thing that helps you deal with it. When you combine the lessons learned with a city that is heartless you figure out fast that life is nothing to play with.

Coming from the city of Pensacola, Florida, Suk is an artist that is determined to not let his lessons conquer him. Instead, he uses them to channel the energy he needs to get through life all while also recognizing the people he loves and who is loyal to him. To bring out those emotions and tell his story Suk connected with producer AJ The Musician and together they created new single "My Life".

The song details everything he is going through being a young artist. Pain, Love, Loyalty, death, all elements of what makes him the dope artist he is today. Suk gives the song even more life by teaming up with Lil Zay Visualz for the official video. When you see the video, you understand and feel why Suk created the song "My Life"

Stream "My Life" now on all digital platforms and check out the official video on YouTube.

via: https://stateofhiphopmusic.com/2022/05/suk-talks-through-his-experiences-and-pain-in-new-single-my-life

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Montu Mercury - YinYang | @MontuMerc


Montu Mercury - YinYang | @MontuMerc

Montu Mercury drops his latest single YinYang on all major streaming platforms click that image above to check it out. If you like what you hear make sure to ggive his bio a read below to get familiar with a dope up aand coming artists. Follow his social media also listed below.

Twitter https://twitter.com/MontuMerc

Instagram https://www.instagram.com/montumerc/

UnitedMasters https://unitedmasters.com/montu-mercury

Montu Mercury was raised in Saint Louis, MO. Growing up as a 90s kid, he was attracted to the sound of hip hop early on and was very intrigued by the horror-core movement. As a great observer and listener, Montu had a major influence in music from mentors within the culture through hands on experience. This has laid the foundation of the code he lives by today, "The best creations arise through destruction." Montu Mercury deeply resonates with the legendary Tupac Shakur aka Makaveli. The struggles, trauma, views, and art shared by 2pac has hit home the most for Montu. "In this corrupt world, you gotta not give a fuck and do what's best for you. Makaveli taught us to be passionate about that." From his own words, this has been something Montu lives up to through every record he creates. From Soundcloud to Spotify, Montu has stayed consistent over the years dropping back to back singles. He has worked with multi-platinum & Grammy nominated producers such as J. Rob, Chopsquad DJ, NY Bangerz, The BeatDemons, & K.E On The Track. Montu's biggest music video on YouTube entitled "Darkness" released Oct 2016 attracted over 30K views in just a month from various blogs. It was a profound flip of Marilyn Manson's produced hit "Great Big White World". During 2020, at the spark of the global plandemic; Montu brought forth the his most streamed single yet, the vicious "Vampire" followed by the wicked "666" leading from his debut album "The Realm of Merc." In 2021 he shared the importance of facing your darkside by releasing "SHADOW" followed by "Embrace The Struggle" the hard hitting trap motivation to never give up on your journey. 2022 now leads us into "YinYang" the dualistic perspective you've musically been lacking all decade.


via: https://stateofhiphopmusic.com/2022/05/montu-mercury-yinyang-montumerc

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THELLO JAY - Sleep on Myself | @1thellojay


THELLO JAY - Sleep on Myself | @1thellojay

THELLO JAY releases new album, "Sleep on Myself" which weaves strong and heartfelt connections amidst listeners- providing a form of reassurance to audience

Oxford, AL- May 6th, 2022 A decade-strong underground artist, THELLO Jay hopes to inspire, motivate, and genuinely touch his listeners. The eclectic artist strongly believes that each person needs someone who can not only understand them as a fan, but can also relate to them on an individual level.

"Sleep on Myself" is a product stemming from 8 years THELLO took off from the music game. After constantly hearing people tell him he needs to drop more music because he's "sleep on himself" he choose to name the album that. Never locked into one sound in particular, he explored the various sub-genres of hip hop only to walk away with his own unique and creative blend, "Its something like if... Kanye had a just a few trap drums, put on with some J Dilla bounces, and then sprinkled it with some Nas & Big L intelligence."

After selling out his first show in Buffalo Grove, THELLO takes us even further back with some of the inspiration that got him to that 2010 milestone. He cites artists like Outkast, J Dilla, Lupe Fiasco, Ye, Jay Z, UGK, Mobb Deep, Eminem, and Nas, as being super foundational in his writing style. A powerhouse of talent, the independent American rapper from Chicago has worked with some of his native citie's finest including; Grammy Award-winning Rob Diggy, and former Death Row Singer, Danny Boy Steward (who is also Thello's Godfather). THELLO JAY's musical journey began after selling out his 1st show in Buffalo Grove in Illinois in 2010, after he decided to release a mixtape.

THELLO has always looked into ways to change, adapt, and evolve. Jay's first foray into the music world began with the release of the Mixtape, "His Era", unveiling 15 infectious tracks with organic hip-hop vibes, flawless rap bars, and hard-hitting drum loops. THELLO went on to gain recognition from social media and numerous Chicago blogs, while also landing tours for artists such as Hopsin, Jon Connor, Los, MGK, and Logic(amongst others). Having previously deferred his music dreams to achieve a degree in Communications, THELLO JAY is now looking forward to magnetizing listeners with his art.

"Sleep on Myself" available now on all streaming platforms! https://open.spotify.com/artist/195pDmMW69UZgNZWxeLHWk/discography/all?pageUri=spotify:album:595fkaW2wX3chlgddc3UV0


Twitter https://twitter.com/1thellojay

Instagram https://www.instagram.com/1thellojay/

via: https://stateofhiphopmusic.com/2022/05/thello-jay-sleep-on-myself-1thellojay

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Hyder Official- Revelations | @hyderofficial


Uprising Hip-Hop Artist out of Austin Texas, Hyder Official First Music Video debut off of his new project entitled "Spiritual Gangster." Join the Journey! Sign up for our email list and follow Hyder everywhere on social media. Shot and Edited by Hyder Official and Playzen (2008 footage-Grind District Ent.) Produced By: Dopeboyz Music. Executive Producer Hyder Official

Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/artist/1x0vl9iX9gha62YnvcQBbu?si=3lyUGB2-RqyNth1PT9Pl7g&nd=1

via: https://stateofhiphopmusic.com/2022/05/hyder-official-revelations-hyderofficial

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Honcho Macini-Bussin Jugz | @HonchoMacini


Honcho Macini up and coming artist from bronx new york . Moved to upstate new york where he faced many trials and tribulations. Just recently incarcerated hes finally home and coming full force in the game listen to him and his pain as he takes you through his journey. Follow him on his soial media listed below.

Instagram https://www.instagram.com/honcho_macini/

Twitter https://twitter.com/HonchoMacini

Spotify https://open.spotify.com/album/5OMhzox60LYAapCGZTBcc1?si=P6Lj3mbrTcONuTwIGRHGVQ&nd=1

Managment https://www.instagram.com/buddhaclipz/

via: https://stateofhiphopmusic.com/2022/05/honcho-macini-bussin-jugz-honchomacini

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SpaceLAB Recordings, in association with Soulspazm Records unveils the visuals to "Big Top Clown Circus", the 3rd single from Jake Palumbo's latest LP Plant-Based Libtard, released on January 7th of this year.

Palumbo is joined by Juice Crew legend and "The Symphony" alumni Craig G, with guest cuts by DJ Dainja (Psyche Origami, Beatminerz Radio, etc.) The trio lace the horn-heavy soundtrack with technical precision & plenty of snarky sarcasm towards the clown show that the rap game can often feel like at times.

"Big Top Clown Circus" follows up Plant-Based Libtard's previous singles "Soy Boy With A Gun" & "Country Boy, City Kid". The music video was filmed guerilla-style in Brooklyn, with a throwback nod

to the clown shows in the traveling carnivals of yesteryear.

The single originally premiered on Rap Is Outta Control on SiriusXM with DJ Eclipse & DJ Riz, has since received continued support from FM, college & internet radio shows in the months since the album's release.

Plant-Based Libtard is 14 Tracks, with a total running time of 34 minutes. Produced by Jake Palumbo, it features guest appearances from Craig G, Nutso, RIM, King Magnetic, Lex The Hex Master, & Jarvis Waterfall, with cuts by DJ Evil Dee & DJ Dainja.

via: https://stateofhiphopmusic.com/2022/05/jake-palumbo-big-top-clown-circus-ft-craig-g-dj-dainja

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While on the East-Coast Underground Grind Tour stop in Charlotte, Full Blast Booking roster acts Konflik, SympL, Duece Bug and DJ Funksway team up with Underground Legends A Plus (Hieroglyphics/Souls Of Mischief) and El Da Sensei (Artifacts) on a Boom Bap bar-fest produced by Nastee.


via: https://stateofhiphopmusic.com/2022/05/underground-grind-ft-a-plus-el-da-sensei-konflik-sympl-duece-bug

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bgZek - Lit4Life/RockBottom



bgZek born as Ezekiel Watkins out of Baton Rouge, Louisiana share two of his latest tracks titled Lit4Life and Rock Bottom with us. He has been writing music since the age of 14 and have been recording since he was 18 years old. bgZek is inspired by artists like Lil Uzi Vert and Lil Jon. His entire life is focus arounf making music.

Check out bgZek's two tracks Lit4Life and Rock Bottom and let us know your thoughts!!!

via: https://stateofhiphopmusic.com/2022/05/bgzek-lit4life-rockbottom

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Extraordinaire - Bobby Brown (Official Music Video)

Extraordinaire - Bobby Brown (Official Music Video)


Record label BFI presents Extraordinaire as he drops his Ode to R&B Legends New Edition and one of the group's solo breakout artists in his new song "Bobby Brown". Extraordinaire explains "The song came about randomly but I decided to follow through with the train of thought to see where it took me." Listen to the new single now on all digital streaming platforms.

Follow Extraordinaire






via: https://stateofhiphopmusic.com/2022/05/extraordinaire-bobby-brown-official-music-video

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New Music- Dino - Big House ft. Lil Brazy


New Single off of up & coming project by Dino "Retrograde"

Follow Dino on Snapchat @brandiino

LISTEN HERE- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-ODVjEIxwc

via: https://stateofhiphopmusic.com/2022/04/new-music-dino-big-house-ft-lil-brazy

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