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Lov9 Khari - Regrets


Lov9 Khari - Regrets

Lov9 Khari - Regrets

Up and coming artist Lov9 Khari dropped a new single called "Regrets." from Ada Kid's debut album "112 Magnolia St" which was released late last year. The creative has been making noise in the industry with his unique flow and smooth delivery. He's been crafting his sound for over years now.

Lov9 Khari's most influence comes from The Weeknd. One listens to his soaring vocals and the connection is clear; this is an artist who captures brooding atmospheres and somehow channels heartbreak and raw emotion through a sparkling voice and honest lyricism.

Instagram Lov9 Khari:  https://instagram.com/lov9khari_abnf

Watch Music Video:

via: https://stateofhip-hop.com/2021/04/lov9-khari-regrets

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Ty Bri Releases Video for "Its Me Freestyle" Directed by Flicks Carter @TyBri

Cleveland, OH native Ty Bri first hit the music scene with her club smashes Bobbin and Candy Lady in 2019, after releasing her debut mixtape "Sweet Lick" in 2020 which produced the viral sensation "Wake Up" feat Mulatto. Ty Bri returns with a quick freestyle "Its Me" which is produced by Philly Ferrari Beatz.

"It's Me" taps into a Drill Music vibe. The video shot by Flicks Carter just has Ty Bri showing off her lyrical ability in the studio.

Instagram: RealTyBri

Twitter: @TyBri



via: https://stateofhip-hop.com/2021/04/ty-bri-releases-video-for-its-me-freestyle-directed-by-flicks-carter-tybri

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Geno Pacino - Pacino Season 2


Geno Pacino - Pacino Season 2

Born Geno Green in the heart of the Englewood Area of Chicago. Geno has always been a born poet, entertainer and someone who seemed to always stick out. Having had experienced it all from the street life to the everyday struggles of providing for himself and his family. He offers a unique point of view and after taking a listen to his story you will see that in a crowded field of artist Geno Pacino is one of a kind in a landscape all too familiar. Take an opportunity to learn more and follow him in his musical journey. He is " Building The Future Today ".

Check out Geno Pacino's album titled Pacino Season 2. Pacino Season 2 is a sixteen track album that's full of bangers. Take a listen to the album and let us know your thoughts!!!

via: https://stateofhip-hop.com/2021/04/geno-pacino-pacino-season-2

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MKHL - Distant ft. Jadakiss | @mkhlmusic


MKHL Just dropped his latest visual to his hit single Distant feat the legend himself Jadakiss make sure to check that above on his official Youtube channel and if you like it add it to your favoite streaming service playlist with the link below. Dont sleep on a dope up and coming artist MKHL wwill be dropping all new music all of 2021 so make sure to follow him on social media also listed below.

Instagram https://www.instagram.com/mkhlmusic/

Distant Streaming link https://www.gate.fm/zkgDe6a

via: https://stateofhip-hop.com/2021/04/mkhl-distant-ft-jadakiss-mkhlmusic

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2 Dub Official - Twisted Faces


Hailing from the city Of Toledo, better known as "Mud City", 2 Dub Official (the Ohio Stand Out) comes with the originality fused from HipHop and Spoken Word. An Independent Music Award nominee for best song - Spoken Word (with musical accompaniment), 2 Dub Official creates concepts and wordplay that brings vision to sightless and opens the sleeping mind. From high energy to lustful dreams, the music of 2 Dub Official contributes as a one stop shop for all listeners. Google the name and follow his walk of fame.

Check out 2 Dub Official's new track Twisted Faces and let us know your thoughts!!!

via: https://stateofhip-hop.com/2021/04/2-dub-official-twisted-faces

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Better days are here and DAZESUMMIT is back NYC's SXSW during April 22nd - 28th 2021

Artists bring your best music and masks. From April 22nd until April 28th 2021, Daze Summit festival is back and better than ever. No more being bored in the house, and in the house bored. The 5 day festival features several different stages, pop up shops, and artist panels; attendees are guaranteed to get the entertainment fix they've been missing. With its name inspired by School Daze, Daze Summit is rooted in the mission to raise funds to provide college scholarships for highschool students.

So far, Daze Summit has awarded 12 scholarships. Founded in 2016 by Scott Morris of MorBookings, Daze Summit is set to be New York's next biggest music festival. Past years attendees included King Combs, Jamila Mustafa, Jaetips, Vina Love, Doggie Diamonds, Daylyt, Travque, Shani Kulture from Hot 97, Dj Meechie from Hot 93.7, DJ Drewski from Hot 97, Jennaske and so many more. This year's festival will feature a number of special guest artists and influencers such as Trev Mulah, Stunna Dior, Kertasy, Big Zen, Frank Knight, Warren Wint, Yun Nostra, Raww Blue, Lil Mopptop, K Goddess and Nathaniel the Great, panels hosted by music executives, and more.

Think of Daze Summit as NYC's version of A3C Festival and Sxsw Festival. Daze Summit and MorBookings are collaborating with multiple businesses in avenues as diverse as tech, fashion, entertainment and beyond. Businesses participate by sponsoring their own stages which gives several performance opportunities for artists. Anyone coming to New York the week of Daze Summit will be invited to parties and events to experience the arts & entertainment world in full. In consideration of the pandemic, all necessary safety measures will be enforced. Masks and temperature checks are required upon entry. The festival will also be live streamed. Supporters can virtually experience the festival while adhering to the state limitations of building occupancy.

You don't want to miss this festival. If you're looking for more information, or how to participate, head over to the Daze Summit Instagram page here or DazeSummit.com

SEE THE EXPERIENCE FOR YOURSELF- https://www.instagram.com/p/Bg4cCunneQX/?igshid=1mfhwxtlt2yo1

via: https://stateofhip-hop.com/2021/04/better-days-are-here-and-dazesummit-is-back-nycs-sxsw-during-april-22nd-28th-2021

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Best P.S. Songs Of All Time - Top 10 Tracks


Best P.S. Songs Of All Time - Top 10 Tracks

Born on May 24th, 2000, Phillex Stewart, better known as P.S. grew up in a small town called McDonough, 40 minutes south of Atlanta. Being influenced by both the serene small town as well as the busy city has brought an interesting balance to his music. On his first tracks like "Living With It" we get a glimpse into his small-town life as P.S. becomes more introspective and down to earth. Conversely, on songs like "Blue Beamer" we get a taste of the fast and vibrant lifestyle the city brings. This duality is part of what makes P.S. such an exciting new talent.

P.S. is continuously working on his music and releasing songs after every small period. He has written many songs and continues to do so monthly to stay relevant and fresh for his fans. He came up with new songs "All my Friendz" which just came out on March 19th, 2021.

Among many other Upcoming artist, P.S. have taken time, and self-belief to touch stardom. Let's admit it! There is so much going in the music industry and its hard to catch up with all the release. So, that is why we listed the Best P.S. songs of all Time that you simply can't miss!

We picked the most outstanding collection you have to add to your Spotify.

Best P.S. Songs Of All Time - Top 10 Tracks

  • Living With It - (P.S.)


    2. All My Friendz - (P.S.)


  • King To King - (P.S.)


  • Blue Beamer - (P.S.)


  • Brother+sisters - (P.S.)


  • Running Lights - (P.S.)



  • I'm Back - (P.S.)


  • Family - (P.S.)


  • Starry Nite - (P.S.)


  • Brother-Sisters - (P.S.)


    What do think about this post? Drop a comment below!!!


    via: https://stateofhip-hop.com/2021/04/best-p-s-songs-of-all-time-top-10-tracks

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    Derange Da Messiah drops his latest visual to his track Crazy World check that out above and leave some feedback in the comment sections below. Derange Da Messiah is dropping bars on this track and is speaking facts so dont sleep on real music and if you like what you hear make sure to give him a follow on his social media listed below as he will be dropping all new material all of 2021.

    Twitter https://twitter.com/DerangeSmith

    Instagram https://www.instagram.com/517derange/

    via: https://stateofhip-hop.com/2021/04/derange-da-messiah-crazy-world-by-derangesmith

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    E$oteric Agenda - Back Alley Battles


    E$oteric Agenda - Back Alley Battles

    E$oteric Agenda fuses old school with the new; conscious with the savage. Their passion for hard hitting beats, slippery rhyme schemes, and clever battle bars blend with their political stand points. Heavy themes of police reform, social injustice, and a global pandemic cut in with a news headline style of approach.

    Check out E$oteric Agenda's track Back Alley Battles below and let us know your thoughts!!!


    via: https://stateofhip-hop.com/2021/04/eoteric-agenda-back-alley-battles

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    DFG Trell - Girls & Drugs


    DFG Trell - Girls & Drugs

    DFG Trell a female artist out of Chicago, Illinois dropped off her new video titled Girls & Drugs.

    Check out DFG Trell's video Girls and Drugs and let us know your thoughts!!!


    via: https://stateofhip-hop.com/2021/04/dfg-trell-girls-drugs

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