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Judge Denies Juelz Santana's Trip to Miami Due to Failed Drug Test

According to TMZ, Juelz Santana was recently denied permission to travel to Miami due to a failed drug test. However, his team says it was a mistake.
Court documents reveal that Juelz requested permission to travel to Miami for work but was subsequently denied after the feds stated that he wasn't fully complying with his release conditions. The mandatory drug test Juelz is subjected to revealed the Harlem rapper had opiates and methadone in his system.
As part of his 27-month federal sentence, 19 months of which he was served incarcerated, Juelz is currently on supervised release. But the conditions of his release require him to remain in New Jersey unless a judge grants permission to travel. Not to mention, stay away from illicit drugs.
Another reason the request was denied was due to Juelz being in the company of two convicted felons, which violates the conditions of his supervised release

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Scientists Create Half Human, Half Ape Embryos for Transplant Organs

For the first time in history, scientists have created an early-stage embryo that is half-human, half-ape. Medical journal Cell published the findings, which showed an image of the early-stage chimeric embryo with cells of different species origins, as pictured above. Scientists used fluorescent antibody-based stains, where the red color indicates human cells.
While the embryos were created to see if new ways could be found to produce organs for people on transplant lists, not everyone in the science community is supporting the idea. Kirstin Matthews, a fellow for science and technology at Rice University's Baker Institute, is one of those people.
She told NPR, "My first question is: Why? I think the public is going to be concerned, and I am as well, that we're just kind of pushing forward with science without having a proper conversation about what we should or should not do."
Co-author of the Cell study, Juan Carlos Izpisua Belmonte, defended the experiment, stating, "This is one of the major problems in medicine - organ transplantation. The demand for that is much higher than the supply."
Insoo Hyun, a bioethicist at Case Western Reserve University and Harvard University, also supported the study, stating, "I don't see this type of research being ethically problematic. It's aimed at lofty humanitarian goals."
This isn't the first study of its kind that some people would argue is controversial, as researchers have been injecting human stem cells into sheep and pig embryos to see if they would grow human organs for transplantation. Those experiments have failed, which led Belmonte to team up with researchers in China, where they took induced pluripotent (iPS) stem cells from humans and injected them into embryos from macaque monkeys. After one day, human cells were detected growing in 132 of the embryos, and researchers were given 19 days to study them.
Belmonte quelled fears of creating a new creature, stating, "Our goal is not to generate any new organism, any monster. And we are not doing anything like that. We are trying to understand how cells from different organisms communicate with one another." He stressed that his team has no intention of even trying to grow human organs in such a closely related species

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HS Basketball Coach Reportedly Killed in Shootout with Mexican Drug Cartel

According to reports, a North Carolina high school basketball coach was fatally shot while attempting to rob the home of a Mexican drug cartel member alongside his brother-in-law.
Authorities say Barney Harris and his brother-in-law Steven Alexander Stewart were tracking the movements of the Sinaloa New Generation Cartel to pinpoint the location of cartel stash houses. The men located one of the apparent stash houses and set out to rob it of money and drugs during the wee hours of April 8.
Upon arrival, Harris, and Stewart were confronted by an 18-year-old cartel member, Alonso Beltran Lara, whom the pair executed after refusing to reveal where the drugs and money were hidden. Soon after, other members of the cartel arrived, and a gunfight ensued.
Harris's body was found in one of the bedrooms riddled with bullet wounds. He was wearing a bulletproof vest at the time but the cartel's high caliber artillery pierced through Harris's protective armor.
The school where Harris coached basketball and taught Spanish initially had a page on the website in memoriam of him. However, that page has since been removed after the circumstances surrounding Harris's death were revealed

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Former Medical Examiner Says George Floyd Died of Heart Disease, Not Chauvi

Maryland's former chief medical examiner testified in the George Floyd trial on Wednesday attesting that Floyd died due to underlying heart disease, not police restraint. In addition to Floyd's heart disease, the medical examiner cited fentanyl, meth, and carbon monoxide from car exhaust as contributing factors in his death.
"In my opinion, Mr. Floyd had a sudden cardiac arrhythmia, or cardiac arrhythmia, due to his atherosclerosis and hypertensive heart disease ... during his restraint and subdual by the police," said Dr. David Fowler.
He noted, "The substances, the fentanyl, and the methamphetamine. The potential of a carbon monoxide role. And the potential that the paraganglioma was adding adrenaline to this whole mixture, making things even worse.

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EXCLUSIVE: Ralo to Plead Guilty in Marijuana Trafficking Case

Three years after Ralo was indicted alongside 13 others on charges of trafficking millions of dollars worth of marijuana, the rapper has decided to plead guilty to at least one of the charges, according to court records.
A document filed Tuesday by U.S. Magistrate Judge Alan Baverman says the court has been informed that Ralo "intends to enter a guilty plea in this case." An official change-of-plea hearing has not yet been set.
Ralo faces charges of conspiring to distribute more than 100 kilograms of marijuana, which faces a maximum penalty of 40 years in prison. However, maximum sentences are rare in federal cases and it is unknown what prosecutors will seek.
Late last year, prosecutors successfully blocked Ralo's release from jail on $250,000 by arguing that there was significant evidence he had continued to set up drug deals from his jail cell, using code words and a contraband Apple watch. Ralo has been in jail since April 2018 when he was indicted.
The charges allege that Ralo used his private jet to set up a $1 million marijuana deal. No violent crimes are alleged in the indictment, but several of his co-defendants face gun charges, court records show.
Earlier this month, it was widely reported that President Joe Biden was working on a clemency program that would affect nonviolent marijuana defendants like Ralo. The specifics and timeline for the program have not been made public

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Chet Hanks Sued by Ex-Girlfriend for $1M over Alleged Abuse

According to reports, Chet Hanks's ex-girlfriend Kiana Parker is suing him for alleged abuse during their time together.
Parker is suing Hanks for $1 million alleging the abuse took place between October 2020 and January 2021. The lawsuit states that the abuse began in New Orleans at the Windsor Court Hotel. He allegedly told Parker that no one would believe her because he's "Chet Hanks" and she's just a "ghetto Black b***h."
Chet has denied the allegations brought against him by Parker and said that she actually tried stealing money from him.
Hanks's attorney Marty Singer told reporters, "We consider the claims filed by Kiana Parker to be a shakedown. The lawsuit filed by Ms. Parker is in response to the lawsuit filed by Chet Hanks against Ms. Parker on March 4, 2021.

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'Steve Urkel' Actor Jaleel White Launches Purple Urkle Cannabis Brand

Family Matters star Jaleel White has announced a new cannabis brand with 710 Labs.
The two will be releasing Its PurpL, a line of various Purple Urkle strains that include Purple Urkle, Mendo Purps, Zkittlez, and a cross of Purple Urkle and The White known as "Stefan." The debut lineup will also offer mini-pre-roll packs and live resin disposable vape pens.
"The thing that always stood out to me was there no clear brand leader for fire purple weed," Jaleel White said. "It made no sense to me, that no company of significance had claimed this lane, so why not me?"
White first considered entering the cannabis industry around six years ago, when Proposition 64 in California was on the state ballot. He previously rejected similar offers because none of them felt "right."
"The legacy of the character has just taken on its own life," White said in an interview with Leafly. "I've been associated with something, an avenue of cannabis that's respected and known. My criteria was, 'I cannot do this and put out a, you know, a boo-boo offering of no effort.'"
Its PurpL is set to launch on April 20, 2021, at California dispensaries and the online platform, Next Level

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Lil Bibby's Ex Accuses Him of Abuse & Being "Obsessed with White Women

Lil Bibby's reported ex-girlfriend, Cydney Christine, launched a number of allegations against the rapper during a lengthy tirade on Twitter.
Christine started by subtweeting her ex and whichever woman he's currently involved with. Later, she tweeted about wanting a man who would reject other women before accusing Bibby of abuse.
"My ex is my biggest hater bro this n**** really poured a bottle of water on my head while I was getting ready 1 day & ripped my wig out the next day just cus he ain't want me posting pics on IG a goofy," Christine wrote before retweeting a response that read, "Umm he's not a hater, he's an abuser."
When another Twitter user asked if she was referring to the Chicago rapper, she retweeted the question seemingly confirming that Bibby was who she was talking about.
The model and producer then accused Bibby of cheating on her with a White woman and supporting the other lady while he was living with her.
"My ex really bought a white b**** a whole mini mansion and the n**** himself was living with me," Christine added. "His moms don't even got a house that big. N***** are really f****** dumb bro. What type of n**** is going to buy a b**** a house that ain't even his and live at his own b**** rent free ? Who tf be raising y'all to think this is cool ?! You better go live with that white b**** sir."
She continued by retweeting a message that read, "N***** who like white woman are not to trust," before she replied, "OBSESSED with white women."
Christine insulted her ex further by writing, "Where's the lie. D*** already small & he want me to share it with other b****** ? no indeed."
Lil Bibby responded to his ex without mentioning her name and wrote, "Choose wisely. Seeing everything and saying nothing."
Christine later apologized for her tweets and wrote, "My actions on social media have been childish and unacceptable.. but I'll never tolerate harassment when all I'm asking for is peace.

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Halle Berry's Child Support Payments Reportedly Reduced to $8k Per Month

Previously, Halle Berry responded to trolls who said she couldn't keep a man, and also addressed paying child support. Berry noted that child support is "wrong and it's extortion!" Now, news surfaced noting that Berry has had the amount of child support she has to pay per month slashed in half to $8,000.
Berry has been paying child support since splitting with her ex-boyfriend Gabriel Aubry, who she has a daughter with. The split turned out to be a nasty one, and found both parties in a battle that resulted in Berry paying $16,000 per month in child support for her daughter Nahla. Berry has reportedly been making the payments since 2014.
Now, the payments which Berry once referred to as "extortion" have been reduced to $8,000. Berry will also have to pay $85,000 in retroactive child support, and continue to cover the cost for Nahla's private school tuition and health insurance

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Evanston, IL Becomes First U.S. City to Offer Reparations to Black Residents

According to reports, Evanston, IL, has become the first U.S. city to offer black residents reparations.
After the city council voted on a historic reparations program that will grant black families $25,000 per, in the form of housing grants.
"We think this is one small step for Black people in Evanston that have suffered through discrimination in so many areas," said Evanston North Shore Branch NAACP president Dr. Michael Nabors. "But it is a giant step for the entire Black community."
The program will grant families up to $25,000 for home repairs or down payments. A draft of the resolution reads: "The Program is a step towards revitalizing, preserving, and stabilizing Black/African-American owner-occupied homes in Evanston, increasing homeownership and building the wealth of Black/African-American residents, building intergenerational equity amongst Black/African-American residents, and improving the retention rate of Black/African-American homeowners in the City of Evanston."
The new reparations program will be funded by the tax revenue generated by Illinois's recreational marijuana market

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