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The 24 Hour Junk Team is your go-to around the clock junk removal team. Our junk and rubbish removal services are available 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. No job is too big or too small and we are ... Read More




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Attic Clean Out Tips

The best time of the year to clean your attic is spring and fall.

The spring and fall: not too hot, and not too cold. Your attic is particularly sensitive to temperature because, unlike other areas of your home, it generally doesn't have any heating or cooling system. Here are the concerns with summer and winter you need to keep in mind:

The Summer. Attics can reach an incredible 150°F, which is a dangerous temperature for humans. It gets that hot because roof shingles absorb a lot of heat, especially if they're a dark color. That heat is then transferred to the roof sheathing and rafters, making its way down to your attic. Without any method to get it out, the heat gets trapped in there.

The Winter. In the winter, you can expect your attic to be around the same temperature as the outside air. While it's not necessarily unsafe for you to spend a minimal amount of time in below freezing temps, you likely won't head up into your attic in full winter gear.

Take advantage of the ideal temperatures while they're here. Here are some tips to help you get started:

  • Take inventory of every item in your attic.
  • Make three piles: keep, donate/sell, and trash.
  • If you're having a hard time parting with sentimental items like kids' artwork, consider photographing them so you have digital copies that stay safe for years to come.
  • Hire a junk hauling company. You won't want to keep the items you chose to donate or throw away, so companies like 24hr Junk are here to help. At 24hr Junk, we firmly believe in finding alternatives to landfills, so we'll haul your trash to the landfill and take everything else to be either recycled or donated.
  • Once you're left with your "keep" items, organize everything in large tubs or install shelving to keep things in order.

    Our team can come and haul away your donations and trash to the appropriate locations. If you're embarking on an attic clean out, contact us today by calling (604)330-6915 to schedule a pickup!

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    Vancouvers' Junk Problem

    When was the last time you walked down a street with a garbage bag and picked up someone else's litter?

    The most recent event over a camping trailer being towed and dumped at Strathcona Park, then left for several days before finally being yanked away by City staff, highlighting the belief that in Vancouver, it's okay to dump whatever you want, wherever you want, whenever you want.

    In this case, if the tweeted photos hadn't been picked up by local media and championed by Park Board Commissioner John Coupar, who knows how long this camper might have stayed in the park.

    Recent attempts by the Council and staff at the City of Vancouver to beef up the street cleaning budgets are far from what really needs to be done to dampen growing anger about the state of cleanliness in the city. 

    Whether it's garbage overflowing from cans along Robson Street, abandoned urban camp structures in retail alcoves along Granville Street, chewed gum or cigarette butts tossed away on our sidewalks, mattresses and other residential garbage dumped in alleys, and yes, the crisis in our parks, the City and the Park Board need to be tenacious and actually budget for the removal of garbage, and abandoned vehicles.

    This is about priorities. Taxpayers will support moving current funds into managing the mess, and doing more for residents than any other line item in the operating budget (the money is there because the operating budget has gone from $800 million 2017 to $1.6 billion today).

    Frankly, it is a sad statement about the current state of affairs that most of us don't want to take responsibility for the cleanliness of our city. Most residents probably believe it's someone else's job to clean up the neighbourhood.  The current city budget set for the removal of garbage across our city, which was recently increased by the current council, is a fraction of what it needs to be. The problem is literally right in front of our faces, yet the solutions are seriously and significantly underfunded.

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    A Green Back to School Season


    Back To School Recycling Tips

    As millions prepare to head back to school, 24hr Junk is offering parents, students and educators practical tips to make this school year more sustainable by reducing, reusing and recycling right, both in and out of the classroom.

    Back to school season is the perfect time to incorporate eco-friendly practices into our daily routine that can have a lasting positive impact on the environment. We can all do our part to make this school year the greenest ever.

    Tips to earn an A+ in sustainability this school year include:

  • Ditch those disposable bags and pack lunches in reusable containers
  • Make the grade by purchasing school supplies made from recycled materials
  • As you make room in the closet for all the latest back to school fashions, consider donating unused items to a local charity
  • When upgrading to the latest computer, tablet or phone, recycle your old device properly or consider donating it to a local non-profit - electronics should never be placed in the trash or recycling
  • Place clearly marked recycling containers in common areas at school, home and work
  • Make sure you know and teach others the three basic rules of recycling, both in and outside the classroom: 1)Recycle bottles, cans and paper 2)Keep food and liquids out of the recycling 3)Keep plastic bags out of the recycling

    Be a recycling ambassador all year round with resources 24hr Junk by calling (604)330-6915. Ask about our rates!

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    Bursting The Bubble About Junk Removal


    Junk Removal Myths

    When it comes to using a junk removal service, there's a lot of misinformation out there. Some might think there are unfair pricing schemes and practices from fly-by-night companies. However, if you choose a reputable company, there are many reasons to choose 24hr Junk to lessen your load.

    Here's a list of the most common junk removal myths, and what you can really expect when you partner with an expert.

    Myth: Junk Companies don't recycle. They just dump it all in a landfill.

    Fact: While some items cannot be re-used or donated, established junk removal services will have knowledge of the right waste station to bring items to. In fact, in some cases more than 60 percent of everything collected will be recycled. Many junk removal companies do not collect hazardous waste. Instead, they let accredited facilities handle those properly.

    Myth: Junk services are not trained to be careful.

    Fact: Quite the opposite. Crews of an experienced junk removal service are trained to remove even heavy objects without causing damage to the premises. In an unlikely mishap, the crews will be insured against general liability.

    Myth: Junk companies overcharge or add hidden costs.

    Fact: Any trustworthy junk removal service will be up front about how they charge. By volume is the most ideal as opposed to by truckload, as truck size can vary. If there are potential extra charges, the company will let you know in advance what qualifies (for example, if you're disposing of very heavy items.)

    Myth: Handling junk removal myself is cheaper than hiring a junk removal service near me.

    Fact: If you have a sufficient amount of junk to get rid of, think again before deciding to tackle it yourself. You'll have to figure out the cost of a rental truck if you don't have one already, as well as the actual cost of disposing items at the dump. That's not to mention all the time and effort getting the items into the truck to begin with.

    Myth: Junk services are not Covid-19 friendly.

    Fact: Any Vancouver junk removal services that have a good track record will take the proper precautions as required. That could mean wearing masks or encouraging social distancing.

    In fact, you can even save 10% off pickup of outside items. Learn more about the facts of how 24hr Junk operates by calling (604)330-6915.

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    Why to Reward Excellent Junk Removal Service


    Let's face it. Junk removal is hard work. From inclement weather days to difficult pickup situations like flights of stairs, oversized items or long trips back and forth to the truck, junk removal pros work really hard to provide a service that can often change your life.

    Consider the following scenario: Your junk removal crew shows up on schedule and surprises you by getting everything gone at sonic speed. Not to mention how carefully they maneuver your unwanted sectional sofa onto the truck from your third-floor apartment without a scratch.

    You breathe a sigh of relief and take in the beautiful view of your junk-free living space. . . until you think to yourself, "Wait, am I supposed to tip the junk haulers?" Well, you're definitely not alone. There is a lot of confusion surrounding tipping for junk removal, and for a service that (hopefully) isn't used on a regular basis, it can be a detail that's easily overlooked.

    Like all members of the service industry, junk removers often rely on tips as a major part of their income, so if you get great service, it's a nice thing to thank them for their job well done by giving them a tip.

    Get in touch with 24hr Junk for a sparkling property! Contact us by calling (604)330-6915. We promise transparent pricing, punctual service, and to treat you with our core values of Respect, Integrity, and Trust

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    AI Deployed To Manage Bins In French City


    Since July 2020, 200 bins that collect waste from 13 waste disposal centres in the French city of Toulouse have been equipped with embedded artificial intelligence.

    SUEZ manages the collection. Under test since 2019, the ffly4u solution has been deployed with the objectives of reducing fuel consumption, optimizing skip flows and reducing costs by optimizing collection resources.

    The partnership between ffly4u and Suez started at the end of 2019 through a Proof Of Concept trial on one waste disposal centre and around 10 bins.

    Encouraged by the success of the solution, SUEZ and Decoset, a regional municipal waste management company in France, deployed the ffly4u solution in July 2020 in the 13 waste disposal centres in the region of Toulouse.

    The connected devices attached to the bins give SUEZ real-time visibility of the bin's filling rate, its location at and off the dock, and in the waste disposal centres and in transit. The operational teams have precise knowledge of the bins' loading/unloading phases, i.e. on the truck or on the ground, and they are also notified in case of extended idle time.

    In a highly urbanized area that attracts more than 10,000 new inhabitants every year, digitization optimizes the planning, filling and transport of skips and allows a five percent reduction in greenhouse gas emissions (GHG) linked to waste transportation.

    The ffly4u innovation relies on the integration of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) in a device with low energy consumption, that will run for four to six years. The solution, "Edge AI Low Power", launched in 2018 by ffly4u, is also used to track assets in the cable/fiber, trailers, Returnable Transit Packaging and aeronautics sectors.

    "The ffly4u solution, which has been successfully tested in the region of Toulouse, contributes significantly to the digitization of our businesses," said Jean-Christophe Didio, regional director of waste recycling at SUEZ.

    "The SUEZ group and the ffly4u team are currently discussing the possibility of extending this solution to other areas".

    "Today, it is clear that the collection of raw data from basic sensors, such as geolocation or temperature, is not enough," said Rodolphe Henry, sales director Europe at ffly4u.

    "Industrial players are looking for real data specific to their businesses".

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    How Did Junk Removal Begin?


    Can you imagine a time before trash disposal services?

    Before this service was available to the public, things weren't pretty. Picture streets full of garbage and backyards teeming with junk. You can only imagine the offensive smell that arose from streets piled with old junk!

    Once the industrial revolution became a widespread phenomenon in the 1800s, the production of materials increased around the world. This resulted in widespread waste issues-suddenly, we had a lot more garbage, but no system in place to manage it. On top of that, populations were growing at a faster rate than ever. Since this was a new phenomenon, there were no regulations about how a citizen should get rid of their junk. Cities were full of garbage and people were unhappy. Public health became a concerning issue as conditions were increasingly unsanitary. Rodents were plentiful since they had ample trash to feast on, and with them came diseases like Hantavirus and Salmonella. Over time, higher standards for junk removal were developed in response to those problems.

    These days, garbage collection is a regulated and mandated practice. Every week, trash is picked up from blue and black bins on residential streets. We have recycling plants where materials are processed and reused, as well as landfills where waste is disposed of. Many people have even started composting, which uses organic food waste and turns it into fertilizer. There are also stricter penalties for failing to dispose of waste properly-homeowners face fines if they allow junk to accumulate outside their properties.

    Businesses, like 24hr Junk, saw that homeowners and commercial property owners needed a helping hand in getting rid of their junk. As such, the company was founded based on a commitment to provide a much-needed service and dispose of waste materials responsibly.

    No job is too big or too small for the Junk team! Call (604)330-6915 and ask about our 10% off curb side pick up.
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    Garage Clean Out: Get Started


    Fall is the perfect time for cleaning your garage. The weather is comfortable for spending a weekend outside. Plus, now that the summer is nearing an end, you can take inventory and decide what items have seen their last season. Ready to get started? Use this guide to make the process easier.

    1)Take everything out. The easiest way to start is to pull everything out of your garage and onto your driveway. This gives you a blank slate.

    2)Separate and label. Now that you can easily see all of your items, split them into three groups: keep, throw away, donate/sell. You can either do this by having piles or groups on your driveway or yard, or you can use a coloured sticky note system for the larger items.

    3)Sweep. How often is your garage completely bare? Probably only as often as you clean it out. Take this time to thoroughly clean it by sweeping, vacuuming, and mopping.

    4)Pick your storage system. Before purchasing anything, take an inventory of what you're planning to keep and plan your organizational system around that. Make the most of your space by installing shelves, hooks, overhead storage, and whatever other systems you need in order to maximize your storage capacity.

    5)Put back items you want to keep. Put everything you're keeping into its designated space and inform the family of the new system to help keep it cleaner for longer.

    6)Call 24hr Junk to remove the rest. Our garage cleanout service includes the removal and responsible disposal of your unwanted items. We'll even donate the items that can be used again. Contact us today by calling (604)330-6915. We promise transparent pricing, punctual service, and to treat you with our core values of Respect, Integrity, and Trust
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    Site Cleanup Leave it to the Pros (24hr Junk)


    A bit of hammering and construction here and there can give your home an entirely new look and boost its visual appeal. But how would you deal with all the mess-dirt, debris, stones, wiring, and whatnot-that's left on your property after the technicians leave?

    You cannot even clean it yourself because it can lead to injuries and exposure to toxic substances, such as silica, lead, and asbestos. But there's good news: there are a few waste management companies that offer top-quality clean up services for homeowners.
    Yes, it won't come for free, but hiring professionals for your site cleanup will be worth every penny.

    This goes without saying. Hiring 24hr Junk saves you from worrying about the appearance of your property. You can be rest assured that we will deal with every piece of waste in an efficient and eco-friendly manner. Our team will be well-versed with advanced cleaning techniques and usage of modern equipment, which will enable us to finish our job within a day or less, depending on the mess and size of the area that needs to be cleaned.

    24hr Junk makes sure that every technician and member on our team is aware of the safety standards and regulations. Post-construction site cleaning is as complex as construction itself. Someone who's inexperienced won't know what they might come across during the cleanup process. Underneath all the dirt and debris, there could be hidden hazards such as nails, sharp wires, broken mirrors and pieces of glass. Only experienced professionals can perform the job safely without causing any damage to the property or themselves.

    Construction waste cannot be dealt in a similar manner as regular waste. You can't just throw it away in the trash or take it to a landfill to dump. It's heavy, dangerous, and requires to be disposed off in a proper manner that complies with safety regulations. You can even be legally fined if you attempt to dump such hefty construction waste on your own. To keep yourself out of trouble and unnecessary hassle, it's better to let the professional deal with your messed up site.

    Get in touch with 24hr Junk for a sparkling property. We offer secure, guaranteed, and timely site cleanup, as well as a variety of other waste management and demolition services for both commercial and residential clients.
    Learn about our pricing and call us at (604)330-6915 for more information.

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    Old Tire Recycling: Why It's Important


    Tires are easily recyclable and can be turned into a number of new products. Old tire recycling benefits our planet because hundreds of millions of tires are tossed into landfills each year. This leads to overflowing landfills and methane gases that pollute the atmosphere.

    Tires that lie around in your yard tend to collect water. The standing water in tires attracts mosquitos, rodents, and other pests to your property.

    Tires are large in size, meaning they take up a significant amount of the limited space available in landfills.

    Speaking of landfills, tires left to rot with the trash are detrimental to the environment. They trap methane gases, which results in buoyancy. This is a bubbling effect that causes the tire to push back against the soil, eventually tearing away the lining of the landfill.

    In addition to tire-derived fuel, old tires are turned into a number of things. A few of these include foam, playground equipment, carpet, carpet padding, artificial turf, rubber mulch for playgrounds, and a number of other products.

    Tires are extremely flammable. When one goes on fire, it is difficult to extinguish and can grow out of control quickly. Burning tires release toxic fumes into the air.

    It is possible to have old tires retreaded. Ask your auto repair professional if this applies to your tires before getting rid of them.

    Here's How We Can Help

    Old, unused tires are unsightly and hard to get rid of. Therefore, trash collectors and recycling companies refuse to pick them up with your other garbage. This is due to the overwhelming demand and the strain it causes the environment. 24hr Junk can come to haul away your old tires for responsible recycling. Contact us today by calling (604)330-6915 to schedule a pickup of your old tires and more!
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