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Sheriff Raising More Concerns About “Jail Support” Group

CHARLOTTE, N.C. – There are new concerns about a “Jail Support” group camping out across from the Mecklenburg County Jail.

Sheriff Garry McFadden claims the group has been “hijacked” by people who are causing problems and trashing the area.

The Sheriff told County Commissioners members of the group are blocking traffic, harassing people, and leaving urine and feces on the sidewalk.

“We’re having sex acts being committed here, while we’re not here, after hours,” McFadden said.

He points to a “Black Lives Matter” banner torn down in front of the Sheriff’s Office and red paint splashed on the windows last month, as part of the problem.

“Is this acceptable? Is this acceptable of what we are allowing our citizens to see every day?” McFadden asked Commissioners. READ MORE HERE

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