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Mo' Money: Shredded Banksy Painting Sells For $25 Million During Auction

Banksy's 2018 painting, which went viral for shredding during its auction, was recently sold again-but this time, for $25 Million.

Source: TOLGA AKMEN / Getty

Banksy is one of the most mysterious street artists in the world as his art can be on a canvas, framed, or even on an unsuspecting building. In 2013, he announced a self-proclaimed one month residency in NYC producing one work a day and creating a 30-day scavenger hunt for his biggest fans. The hunt became so intense, locals would charge affluent people wanting Instagram pictures $20 to see works that were in their neighborhood.

This event put the world on notice and most importantly, Hypebeasts who made sure to do all their homework about the artist to make sure they knew more than everyone else. The thing about Banksy's work is, the real life  art is very expensive, which is something the artist doesn't agree with.

In 2018, a rare Banksy work was put up for auction and right as it sold, it self-shredded, which was part of Banksy's plan for the piece. Instead of the artwork losing its value, though, the opposite happened. Every art collector with millions to spend wanted the piece, especially after all the media attention the piece received.

Now, TMZ reports that on Thursday, the rich had their chance at Sotheby's in London and the self-shredding piece called "Love is in the Bid," went up for auction. To the surprise of no one, the art piece had a winning bid of $25.4 million, making a record for a Banksy piece as his works are scarce and hard to find. Gotta love the art world.

To better understand Banksy and how amazing his mind is, check out the video below.


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Chef G. Garvin has landed an Aspire TV cooking series G. Garvin Live! debuting on Sunday, Oct. 17 at 8 p.m. ET. 

As previously reported the renowned culinary connoisseur, author, producer, and restaurateur will be bringing some of his closest friends on the show to join him while he whips up novice-friendly recipes viewers can create at home.

Below the LowCountry Steak creator tells BOSSIP about his creations continuously making it to television and offers his candid thoughts on racial disparities in the culinary business.

You're far from new to television, what makes "G. Garvin Live!" on Aspire TV different than other series? 

The fact that we take this live philosophy in the sense that it's real cooking. No, swap outs, no overproducing, no going to commercial to fix something, it's fun. We're having fun in the kitchen and we ake it relevant to real life, moreso than something you would see on TV.

What are some things that we'll learn to cook on this show? Are these recipes easy to follow? 

I certainly think so. This started during COVID and one of the things that I wanted to do was make it easy, like what do you have in your refrigerator? I think actually the original name I had for it was "What's In Your Pantry?" I want you to open up the cabinet and see what you had. If you got tomato sauce, cool, we can add to it, if you got some chicken, cool, we can add to it. It's not foolproof, there are some elevated dishes but I talk you through it. I think there's stuff that we'll all learn, I'm still learning. Now doing this for as long as I've been doing it, there's always something to learn to make food fun.

We read in your bio that you're "breaking down the diversity barriers within not only the cooking industry but in a society where chefs of color are often categorized more often by race than by profession." That's a profound statement, what is it really like being a Black chef?

It's like sitting on the back of the bus is, it is more challenging. Unfortunately, we don't have the comradery [and] the collaboration. If you look at some of the white chefs, they're very close friends, they all have a big "Food Network" platform, a big "Miami Food & Wine" platform. Then the few of us that are sprinkled in don't necessarily work well together and I don't know why that is.

I'm the O.G. I think I've been around the longest and I'm the probably most humble and always willing to collaborate, I remember when I tried to do something that represented all of us. People follow what they see, right? So you get a few black chefs that you would want to be on these shows and all of a sudden they come into a white circle of being accepted, but it's [still] 10 to 1. I think it needs more work.

At a time where we're going into 2022, we're not better reflected on any of the major networks across the platforms. I'll piss off few people, but I'll say it like this; you can't keep blaming "Food Network" and "Cooking Channel" for not giving us opportunities when none of the other black executives are doing it either. Until we get a better grip on the power of black culinary, no one's gonna see it if we don't see it first.

Despite there being those disparities in your business, what does it mean to you that you're able to have your "G. Garvin Live!" cooking series? 

"I'm always humbled by the blessing but I'm also okay taking the lead on my life. It's no mistake Aspire TV gave me a show, I deserve it, I'm good at it, they know and so do others. But the main reason I continue to do TV is because I'm building a company that is profitable. You know I have the partnership with the Magic Johnson properties, everything I'm doing, I'm making enough money I'm good. TV is so that I so I can continue to inspire young Black me and women. It is my obligation to continue knocking down those walls, but it's hard. It's like a hammer on a mountain but I got a lot of fight in me, it's not for me. I don't need anybody to give me anything, but lookout for the next generation of young Black chefs and let's make it a little easier. That's my goal."


Check out the trailer for "G. Garvin Live!" below.

G. Garvin Live!  is produced by One Bite Productions with Chef G. Garvin serving as executive producer. Tune in Sunday, Oct. 17 at 8 p.m. ET on Aspire TV.

About AspireTV

AspireTV is the television network that celebrates and reflects Black culture and urban lifestyle in a way that is inspiring, authentic and entertaining. AspireTV offers reality series, specials and independent films as well as beloved dramas, contemporary comedies and provocative documentaries that allow you to connect and ... see yourself here. AspireTV is available in the top 25 African American markets including New York City, Los Angeles, Atlanta, Chicago and Washington, D.C.


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Funniest (And MESSIEST) Red Flag Tweets


New meme alert!

"My mama put a perm in my head when I was little" 🚩🚩🚩🚩🚩🚩🚩🚩🚩🚩🚩🚩🚩🚩🚩🚩🚩🚩🚩🚩🚩🚩🚩

— Jamal 🎱 (@4900mal) October 12, 2021

2021 has been full of sharp left turns, messy plot twists and hilarious memes that continued with Twitter users posting red flag-worthy statements in the latest viral meme wave currently flooding social media.

Now, if we're being honest, we all ignore red flags in relationships that, in many cases, end predictably bad whether you're famous or flat broke.

One of the most ignored red flags is someone claiming they're not the person they've consistency proven themselves to be.

A recent example of this is Kanye reportedly convincing Kim to consider reconciling amid their looming divorce.

You may recall Kim attending all of Kanye's DONDA events which, naturally, stirred up spectaculation about them potentially working things out.

According to an E! News source, Kim was "open" to the possibility of getting back together.

"Kim is not rushing the divorce," the source shares. "She and Kanye are in a good place right now and she is not on a rushed timeline to push the divorce forward."

The insider says the co-parents "are finally in a great place and Kim wants to enjoy this time and be a family unit."

At the time, Kim was reportedly "really happy" to be getting along with the source noting that it's important to her "for the sake of the kids, who are really close to their dad."

Meanwhile, the source claims Kanye has higher hopes:

"Kanye has expressed that he wants her back, and Kim is open to it, but wants to focus first on rebuilding their foundation and friendship back stronger."

Unfortunately, things didn't stay peachy for long with TMZ confirming that Kim filed court documents the week of her SNL hosting gig and secured sole control of the $60 million Hidden Hills mansion that she and Kanye designed.

Dah well.

What's the biggest red flag to you? Tell us down below and peep the funniest (and messiest) red flag tweets on the flip.


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Exclusive Sneak Peek: La La Anthony Guest Stars As Def Jam Exec Tracey Waples On "Wu-Tang: An Americ

Booked and busy

Source: Hulu

Just weeks after appearing on buzzy STARZ series "BMF," La La Anthony is back with another guest starring role as Def Jam Music exec Tracey Waples on hit Hulu series "Wu-Tang: An American Saga."

Peep the exclusive sneak peek below:

With memorable roles on multiple shows, La La is everywhere, and recently stopped by The Angie Martinez Show where she opened up about her looming divorce from Carmelo Anthony for the first time.

"After you've been through what I've been through, which was public and really hard, you do start feeling like that and you see how people become jaded and, you know, 'Maybe it's not for me.' But I always want to stay positive," she said.

"Marriage, I don't think I can do that ever again. I mean, some amazing person would have to come. I don't see that happening again."

The Anthonys (who share 14-year-old son Kiyan) jumped the broom in 2010 before going through some marital mess that lead La La to file divorce papers back in June.

"...I don't know what God has in store for me," she continued. "I'm just living and taking care of my son, and whatever is supposed to be will be.

I don't try to put too much emphasis on it because then you start accepting anything because you're like, 'I don't wanna be alone so I'm just gonna be with whoever, just have people around.' I don't have the time to just have random energy and people around."

"I want it to be the right thing," she said.

Thankfully, she has plenty of things going on that will certainly take her mind off the stressful divorce.

"Wu-Tang: An American Saga" streams every Wu-Wednesday on Hulu.


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La La Anthony Says She Never Predicted Carmelo Creepin' & Alleged Side Seed Spreading - 'It Came Out

Source: Prince Williams / Getty

La La Anthony is ready to start a whole new chapter in her life...if it wasn't already apparent! She's been focusing more on her acting career in the last few years, appearing in 'Power' as Keisha and now killing a new role and the 'BMF' series on Starz. It was no coincidence that she had been filling up her calendar, she finally revealed,  confirming she was trying hard to avoid rumors and chatter about her divorce from her ex Carmelo Anthony.

For the first time in an interview, La La actually opened up about the controversial scandal that ended her relationship with Carmelo after 12 years together, and she claims she was blindsided by his cheating. Back in 2017, rumors first swirled that the NBA player was cheating on his wife and unfortunately, a woman named Mia revealed on social media that she was allegedly pregnant with Melo's outside child.

View this post on Instagram

A post shared by GG's momma?? (@miaangel_)

While chatting with Angie Martinez this week, La La finally spoke publicly on the issue and revealed the entire situation actually blinded her.

"Nah, that sh*t hit me really hard," she said. "It came outta nowhere. I wasn't expecting-I've heard so many times like, even a lawyer said once, 'Well, he's a basketball player, what did you expect?' To be honest, I didn't expect that. I didn't go into this marriage expecting that, so I was caught off guard."

Hit play to see it.


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Must Be Nice: Kim Kardashian To Keep Kajillion-Dollar Hidden Hills House In Ongoing Divorce From Kan

He had to know that was coming.

Source: Toni Anne Barson / Getty

Just in case anyone had it twisted, Kim Kardashian and Kanye West are still getting divorced. Some may have believed that a reconciliation was forthcoming after the "estranged" coupled was seen at numerous events together including the multiple shows the rolled out the DONDA album.

However, the folks at TMZ confirm that a sweet reunion is not in the cards as court documents that were filed on Tuesday of this week show that Kim will be taking sole control of the $60 million Hidden Hills mansion that she and Kanye designed. Obviously, the house is where their children have grown up and Kanye had little to no chance of leaving the marriage with the house. However, they did negotiate a buyout so it's not a total L.

Considering that they purchased the property in 2014 for $20 million and the house is now worth $60 million, we can only imagine that the buyout number was pretty steep. Kim got it, though.

This comes on the heels of Kanye putting his famed $11 million Wyoming ranch on the market for sale while also buying a $57 million Malibu beach house.

These are rich people problems.


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'Judge Judy' Baliff Petri Hawkins-Byrd Says He Wasn't Asked To Join New 'Judy Justice' Show

Baliff Petri Hawkins-Byrd reveals he wasn't asked to join Judge Judy's new show after over two decades with the most popular judge on TV.

Source: Greg Doherty / Getty

No matter how old you are, you have probably watched at least one episode of Judge Judy. Her brash attitude and zero tolerance policy for non-sense has been a hit for almost 25 years-A partnership we thought CBS would never let see it's end. While Judge Judy is now coming to an end, Judge Judy Sheindlin is making her return to TV in November on the new IMDB show, Judy Justice.

Last March, Judy appeared on Ellen to make the announcement that CBS was done, but she wasn't, and she was more than capable of taking her talents elsewhere. Rumor has it, Judy has a strick renegotiation method where she hands over an envelope with a price and if the answer is anything but yes, CBS knows she will leave.

The time has come to move on, but one person isn't making the move with Judy. Her Baliff of 25 years, Petri Hawkins-Byrd, revealed to Entertainment Weekly that he wasn't even consulted about the move and won't be joining the new show.

"My assumption is if you were going on to do something else, that you were at least going to ask me if I wanted to have the opportunity to audition for the role," said Byrd.

After production ended on the final season, he goes on to reveal he directly reached out to Judy to inquire on what he should do regarding the show.

"It wasn't until July that I called the judge and asked, 'Hey, should I look for something else or am I included in the Judy Justice project?'" he explained.

Byrd continued, "She informed me I was not being asked to come along on the project. I didn't inquire as to why, that's her choice. But she did inform me that fundamentally, I was priced out as the new bailiff on her new show. My salary would have been too much. I was curious: How would she know? She didn't ask me. She didn't give me an opportunity to have accepted a lower salary."

It's sad to see a partnership that long end over poor communication as it sounds Petri would have been open to discussing pay so he could make the transition. Hopefully, we see him again in the Baliff role on a different show as his face is familiar and a great addition where ever he lands.


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Former F-Boy-In-Chief Donald Trump Doubles Down On Derogatory Digs Saying Haitians Immigrants "Proba

Here we go again...

Source: Sean Rayford / Getty

If there's anything you know about 55% of white womens' former President it's that he won't hesitate for a millisecond to say something cruel and untrue about Black folks. Most recently, as the news cycle has returned to the topic of Haiti and immigration, the orange f-boy made an appearance on his favorite propaganda programmer Fox News, specifically Sean Hannity's show, and espoused more of the hate speech that made white folks cherish him with their cold and uncaring hearts.

Let Donnie tell it, Haitians are "flowing" into the United States and they are bringing diseases, namely AIDS/HIV.

"Haiti has a tremendous AIDS problem. AIDS is a step beyond, AIDS is a real bad problem," he told Hannity. "So hundreds of thousands of people are coming into our country. And if you look at the stats, and if you look at the numbers, take a look what's happening in Haiti. A tremendous problem with AIDS."

That, as a simple matter of fact, is just not true in any form whatsoever. The fact-checkers Business Insider made sure to point out that the AIDS rate in Haitians aged 15-49 is 1.9% which is a stat that comes directly from the United Nations.

Trump fearmongers about AIDS among Haitian migrants.

"Look at what's happening in Haiti - a tremendous problem with AIDS. Many of those people will probably have AIDS and they're coming into our country... It's like a death wish, like a death wish for our country."

— Justin Baragona (@justinbaragona) October 8, 2021

This is the exact type of racist rhetoric that lead so many Haitians to be victims of hate in the 1980s when they were said to be the primary purveyors of the potentially deadly disease. This is also the man who in 2018 called Haiti and other primarily Black countries "shitholes" that were breeding "bad" people.

Ain't s**t changed it's still "FDT". The marathon continues.


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DOWN BAD: Adrien Broner Arrested In Kentucky Over Outstanding Ohio Warrant

Adrien Broner was enjoying his time in Kentucky when the local authorities arrested him over an outstanding warrant in Ohio.

Source: (Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images) / (Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images)

Adrien Broner has been having a horrible streak of luck as of late.

2020 kicked off this streak with him being arrested during the Wilder-Fury weigh-in, right before the coronavirus pandemic kicked off. He was arrested again later for a DUI in Miami Beach. That arrest was the least of his problems, though, as rumors surfaced the boxer was having some financial woes. These woes came up when he told a judge he only had $13 to his name and THEN ended up jailed for contempt of court. All this came after ending 2019 with a judgment that he had to pay a sexual assault accuser over $830K.

This year was going a little better for him until recently, when TMZ reported he was arrested this weekend in Kentucky. The interesting part is the arrest was actually because of an outstanding warrant over in Ohio, which is where he lost his case with his sexual assault accuser. One could assume the warrant is for failing to pay the ordered judgment, but until we have solid proof, we are left to wonder.

Hopefully, 2022 will be better for Broner and he can get back in his boxing bag.

View this post on Instagram

A post shared by TMZ (@tmz_tv)


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[Still] Suga Smitten: Megan Thee Stallion Tells Taraji P. Henson About Her Honey Pardi-'He Moves Me'
Peace Of Mind with Taraji
Jay-Z's 40/40 Club Celebrates 18th Anniversary

Megan Thee Stallion and her "Hot Girl Summer" saboteur are still going strong and she's gushing about him to Taraji P. Henson.

Source: Shareif Ziyadat / Getty

The Houston hottie was a guest on the season two premiere of "Peace of Mind with Taraji" and she dished to the actress and cohost Tracie Jade about not only her boyfriend but all things mental health.

Source: Peace Of Mind with Taraji / Facebook Watch

During the episode, Megan opened up about going to therapy and dealing with the loss of both of her parents including her late mom Ms. Holly Thomas who is her inspiration.

"My mom is my biggest inspiration." - Megan Thee Stallion

"She was a rapper right?" - Taraji P. Henson

"Yes. That's how I even knew to be this way. She had a nine-to-five job, but on her days off, she would be at the studio and she would take me to the studio, thinking I'm in the lobby doing coloring books and stuff. And I'm at the door, really listening. 'What's she in there singing?'...Eventually, I started getting older and I started stealing her CDs that had instrumentals on them. And I started writing in my room." - Megan Thee Stallion

"And then one day I just came to her and I was like 'I can rap.'" - Megan Thee Stallion

"She spoke all of this into existence. She knew I would do this." - Megan Thee Stallion

"I just wanted to make the music. But she was so happy because it was something she knew about. So I was blessed to get the knowledge that she did give me to make me who I am today. That's why every day I'm like, okay, let me just make sure I'm going hard 'cause I don't want to disappoint her in no way." - Megan Thee Stallion

"My dad, he didn't get to see any of it. He passed when I was in the ninth grade, but he knew I was going to be something too, they just didn't know what I was going to be." - Megan Thee Stallion

Meg also gushed over her boo  Pardison Fontaine when Taraji asked if he's "the reason why" she's been so happy lately.

Source: Shareif Ziyadat / Getty

According to Meg, Pardi "makes her brain feel good."

"My boyfriend does make me very happy. He definitely takes care of me emotionally. He makes my brain feel good. He makes my heart feel good. He moves me, he inspires me. We just feel like a real team."

These two are too cute!!!

Source: Johnny Nunez / Getty

Don't you agree?

Watch the premiere of "Peace Of Mind With Taraji featuring Megan Thee Stallion below.

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} )();

New episodes of "Peace of Mind with Taraji" drop every Monday at 9 a.m. PT /12 p. m. ET.


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