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Get ready for a new revolution in your radio experience as Trapped In Da Nap Radio 7 brings you live radio at your finger tips. With Various Genres of music including Hip Hop R&B and even Gospel! Thi... Read More


Trapped in The Nap Radio 7

Trapped In Da Nap



Three people were killed at a mall in Greenwood, Ind., on Sunday in a shooting that ended when an armed man fatally shot the gunman, city authorities said.

Two additional people were hospitalized in the shooting, which began at around 6 p.m. Eastern time when a man with a rifle and several magazines of ammunition entered the mall's food court and started firing, Chief JimIson of the Greenwood Police Department said. The authorities did not indicate a motive for the shooting and did not identify the gunman.

The injured were a 12-year-old girl who suffered a very minor wound on her back and another person who was in stable condition, Chief Ison said.

Mayor Mark Myers said late Sunday that the public faced no further threat and that the Police Department was in control of the scene. He asked the public to stay away from the area.
"I've been a police officer most of my life," he said in an interview. "Still, this is incredibly shocking, to not only me but our entire community.

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Video Of Hip Hop Night Club Being Shot Up Gary ,In

On Sunday, June 12, 2022 at approximately 1:57 AM Gary Officers were dispatched to the 1700 block of Grant Street for shots fired at Playo''''''''''''''''s Night Club, according to Gary Police.

Residents in the immediate area described hearing 50+ shots during this time. The packed night club took cover while people laid on the ground scared and asking, "who is shooting," while shots were still being heard nearby, a video online showed. A large group also ran out of the club and scattered onto Grant St after having to cross a blood path at the door with multiple people laying on the ground shot, another video showed.
Check out both videos below

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''Drip with bars".

Born in Champaign Illinois, raised in Indianapolis Indiana .Boomer grew up surrounded by music .
Boomer takes the social messages and Stylistic Lyrical craftiness from classic hip hop and merges them with today's hard hitting bangers .

Painting a picture of the realities in society ,he displays an array of whitty punchlines and metaphors .
Taking queues from 2pac , Lil Wayne , Kendrick lamar, Busta rhymes, and Twista .
He delivers a combination of flows and lyrical content .
Boomer's biggest and most current album release BOOMER VOL 3 ''Bigger Than Rap" of the Boomer volume series is currently streaming on all platforms.
He is also preparing an album for this year called Pray For Pain In Which he plans on releasing some time towards the end of August.

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THIS IS THEE LIST FROM A QUALIFIED RADIO BROADCASTER/PODCASTER,Who for the last 5 years has been intertwined with the underground/local music scene not just in Indianapolis but nation and even worldwide.
This list is not I. Any particular order. This list is for the artist who noticeably made some noise in the last 365 days. This is not the kiss ass ima fan-boy list. This list is proven digital or visual and lyrical!Enjoy

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Trapped In The Nap Radio 7 Artist Spotlight "MWK DA GOAT"

MWK Da Goat formerly known as (J Fame Da MWK) is a American hip hop artist from Indianapolis, IN. MWK grew up all over Indianapolis but spent his most pivotal years on the gritty east side of Indianapolis better known as Naptown or as MWK calls it the Circle City. MWK started his musical journey at the age of 4. But it wasn't until he was 8 years of age did he fall in love with the art of hip hop. He attempted to record his first song on a karaoke machine at 9 years old titled "Station Boy 4 Life". A song about growing up in his hood "3600" off of Station St. At 12 MWK released his first official mixtape titled "J DUBB" which was his name at that time. Though it was a raw project, people seen the potential. This led to his first taste of the stage. Where MWK known as "J Dubb" brought the house down. By 15 MWK was recognized as a up and coming artist. But as MWK's music career ascended his home life was crumbling. His grandmother passed away after a long battle with multiple illnesses. This hit MWK hard, his grandmother was the first person to ever hear him rap and encouraged him to pursue his dream without fear. This led MWK down a dark path. His grandmother was his compass between good and evil and without her. The latter won out. For the next couple of years MWK put hip hop on the back burner and focused on helping his mother who was suffering from severe depression amongst other mental health issues. His efforts led him into the streets, where he lost many close friends and learned about life the hard way. After a failed college basketball stint MWK moved to Brooklyn, New York. That's where he really learned about the cultural side of hip hop and what it meant to be a real artist in this game. Words and lessons that MWK has guided his career by til this day. At the age of 20 he returned to Indianapolis, IN with a new style and new approach to the game. Upon that return he ran back into more bad news. One of his closest friends was locked up on a drug charge and lost everything MWK left to him to manage. This includes his home and vehicle. So MWK was basically homeless bouncing hotel to hotel hustling just to stay alive. Then he ran into a man named Stephen Harrison, who today is a famous Tik Tok Influencer. They instantly hit it off as friends and Stephen even opened his home to MWK. Stephen heard MWK's music and instantly was intrigued. So he contacted his brother Dorian who at the time was active President of PBC Ent. For the next couple of years MWK experienced gradual success, due to his solid team. After awhile egos and other factors broke the group up. MWK signed with multiple other labels and rap teams over the years, dropping what some would call classic mixtapes throughout. Due to the ever growing prices for recording, artwork and other media, MWK picked up some other skills to cut cost. He was already a natural when it came to art, so he transferred that ability to graphic design. After a year of freelance work he started his own company named MWK GraphX, where he creates astonishing pieces for multiple artist and companies alike. He also learned how to engineer, due to the fact he didn't like how most studio engineers didn't truly care about his content or anyone else's for that matter. So he started "Home Bass Studios" where he provides high quality production for a low quality price in Indianapolis, IN. With his multitude of bad label experiences he decided to start his own. This vision turned into 9 Milli Musik Ent. and Tha League Of LegendZ Music Group. Though the artist he discovered had the ability. The ventures never quite reached the heights he desired. Today MWK is a father of 5 beautiful children and married to his beautiful wife. While balancing fatherhood, husband duties, and music he still manages to pump out quality music on a regular basis. He also dived into the YouTube circuit with his own game show titled "Bars Breakdown" and his podcast that he and his manager produce titled "Keep It A Bean". Though MWK has had a long journey it's far from over. His plans go far beyond just the realms of hip hop, reaching to social injustice and world hunger amongst other more pressing worldly issues. In the words of MWK "Hardwork and dedication are the pillars to success. Failure is a just a sign of perseverance. Don't give up.

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Congraulations To Artist Of The Month RnB Sensation Darnell Junior

From Naptown to the world R&B sensation Darnell Junior hard work finally pays off as his career is reaching higher levels.Darnell Junior has reached 10k monthly listeners on spotify. This accomplishment didnt come easy it was his will to never give up and bob and weave from the haters and with his newest single the truth these is nothing that can stop him congratulations to Darnell Junior for this great accomplishments.

To check out all his music past amnd present tap on the link below

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Introducing Trapped In The Nap Radio 7


Introducing Trapped In The Nap Radio 7

Get ready for a new revolution in your radio experience as Trapped In Da Nap Radio 7 brings you live radio at your finger tips. With Various Genres of music including Hip Hop R&B and even Gospel!  This station is completely uncensored which means its anything goes! Lead by station head and personality Luckey Da Truth this station will bring you and exciting and adventurous experience in the way you listen to radio. Trapped in Da Nap Radio 7 will bring you live broadcast which are very interactive with live call ins giveaways and much more! This station also will bring you live show like Trapped in Da Naps Da List , All Rap No Cap, & Chillin On Da Ave. So sit back relax and enjoy this new radio experience

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