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The Secret of Getting Your Song on the Radio

Are you tired of recording songs that are not radio ready? Do you get frustrated every time you record a song that has not been mastered for radio? If so, then you’re going to want to read every word of this article.


You see, I used to be just like you. I started out trying to send my music to radio stations and DJ’s to play my tracks about 6 years ago. But success kept eluding me. I kept making mistakes (even though I didn’t understand they were mistakes at the time). Seems like getting my songs on the radio was always just out of reach. 


Maybe you can relate. See if any of these sound familiar to you:


  • You really want to get your songs played on the radio and at clubs, but you can’t get DJs to accept your song.
  • You look around and everyone makes it look so easy to get mass distribution — but it never works out for you.
  • You really want to get DJs to play your music. You’re dreamed about it. Yet you always have to go back to the drawing board and frustrated.
  • Feel like you waste time in the studio recording songs that never get heard. 


    If you can agree to any of the above points, then I have some wonderful news…. Now you too can get your song played on the radio and by DJs — guaranteed!


    Introducing the It’s Gorgeous Distribution Package, the quick and easy way to distribute your music and start getting paid. No management team, budget, or experience needed. It’s Gorgeous Musique and a desire to succeed is all you need. 


    Check it out here:


    Here’s a sneak peek at what you get when you sign up now:


  • You’ll discover a surprisingly simple way to sign up online.
  • You’ll learn what the pros know about music distribution and recording — you don’t want to miss out on the insider secrets!
  • You’ll find out a surefire way to get paid from your radio ready music.


    And much, much more. Once you sign up for It’s Gorgeous Musique, you too will finally be recording quality music ready for radio and distribution. 


    But don’t take my word for it. See what people around the globe are saying about It’s Gorgeous Musique services:


    “It's Gorgeous Musique has expanded OBM (Our Brand Music) as a brand, us as artists, also putting us on major playlists and receiving a lot of connections and insight on the industry! These guys are the truth I tell you. They will level you up and won’t fail you. Just these past 2 weeks, I’ve had 4-5 radio interviews and there’s more coming… Get with It's Gorgeous Musique and they are gonna put you to work”


    “After doing promo with It's Gorgeous Musique, I’ve gained a bigger following. They went the extra mile to make sure I understood the process and I’ve gained more streams and followers in just a short period of time. Grade A service”


    And they’re not the only ones.


    Even a long term customer is raving about our services.


    "I have been working with It's Gorgeous Musique for a total of 2 years. From the start until now I have experienced a lot of great opportunities. From traveling to meeting celebrities, performing at some of the most well known underground events, interviews, music videos, anything we could get our hands on. The sky is the limit. They have shown me that as long as you are willing to work, invest, and grind it out to the end you can achieve big things in your career."


    Listen, if It’s Gorgeous Musique worked for these people, then you know it will work for you too.


    So check it out right now at — and don’t delay, because you’re going to love our entire process. 

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