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Urban Hip hop and R&b Music From indie and mainstream artist. ... Read More


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Loud Money Music Group


Loud Money Music Group

LOUD MONEY PHILOSOPHY... We are a privately owned company with the mission of spreading and supporting unknown, great talent throughout the city of Chicago first and then stretching beyond!We believe that with the correct support system, we can make it happen!Here at LMMG, LLC, we give you the tools to make your dream a reality!We do it all...we are your ONE STOP SHOP!Music, Marketing, Branding, Distribution, Mentoring, Coaching.Through our many developed business relationships and product knowledge, we are able to make all this happen!We believe that with hard work, dedication, and a "Team NO Sleep" mentality, we are destined to go all the way to the top, AND REMAIN THERE! Feel free to check out all the LMMG artist and what they have in store.WE ARE LOUD MONEY GANG...FALL IN LINE OR GET LEFT BEHIND!"WE IN THE CITY""WE ARE THE CITY

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