Big Kang Theory: 'Loki' Episode 5 Recap


Big Kang Theory: 'Loki' Episode 5 Recap

Source: Marvel / Disney+

Marvel's Loki  has shaped up to be yet another great Disney+ series in the MCU. The 5th episode provides plenty of geeky hints for use to decipher that has us made there is only one episode left of Loki and Sylvie battle Timekeepers and timelines.

SPOILERS AHEAD - catch up with our Episode 4 recap right here.

Loki episode 5Source: Marvel / Disney+

Floating through the TVA in a very JJ Abram-sy manner, it is worth noting the workers continue about their business blissfully unaware of what has occurred. The float becomes an extreme close up of the golden elevator doors that lead to the "Timekeepers." Penetrating the door to the chamber inside we catch a quick glimpse of the head of one of the faux-Timekeepers laying on the ground. Instantly we are transported to a wasteland that resembles a destroyed New York City complete with a crumbling Avengers, excuse us, Qeng Tower in the distance (Hint: The Qeng Tower is a shout out to a storyline featuring Kang the Conqueror and Jane Foster as Thor). Continuing farther, off in the distance we are able to see a large "cloud" of smoke, and zoom right into were the mid-scene left us last week.

Loki episode 5Source: Marvel / Disney+

During the aforementioned mid-credit scene, we were introduced to four Loki variants: Boastful Loki (Deobia Oparei, Wrath of Man), Classic Loki (Richard E. Grant, The Hitman's Wife's Bodyguard), Kid Loki (Jack Veal, The End of the F***king World), and Alligator Loki (We assume it's Loki). This week, we encounter our Loki as he stands and fires off several questions (Who, What, Where). Quickly we learn that we are in "The Void", that big puff of purplish grey smoke is "Alioth" (another Kang reference), and they will be lunch if they don't move quickly. Roll title card.

Post title card, Sylvie is confiscating Renslayer's TemPad, she wants to know who the "we" behind the TVA is. Either Renslayer is really dumbfounded, or, she is playing a long con and pretending not to know what is going on. Believing her, Sylvie gloats that Ravonna's reality has been destroyed in a twist of irony. Sylvie prepares to take Renslayer's life. Renslayer, playing whatever chips she has left, lets on that our Loki is still alive. She goes on to say that she too wants to know who has been lying to her all this time.

Ravonna then explains how when a timeline is pruned, they (The TVA) cannot completely destroy it in its entirety. The bits that are not destroyed are moved to a place on the timeline where they will not continue to grow. This is the place we now know as "The Void", a place where every instance of existence collides at the same point and simply stops. Sylvie appears dubious but hands Ravonna the TemPad back.

Loki episode 5Source: Marvel / Disney+

In the Void the Lokis, led by Classic Loki, travel across a barren wasteland of various artifacts from galleons to flying saucers that look like the Jupiter 2 as well as the Thanos-copter. Our Loki is frustrated as he is unaware of where they are going or what the plan is currently. When told the plan is "not to die", he stops the group and rants until he held at dagger point by Kid Loki. Kid Loki reveals that everything pruned by the TVA ends up in the Void and Alitoh keeps it from returning. They argue a bit before confirming there is no escape and press on. In transit, we learn that not only is Kid Loki the king of the Void, his nexus event was killing Thor.

They reach the bunker which is an underground silo of sorts. As we descend down into the dwelling, we are able to catch a glimpse of Mjolnir and Throg (Frog Thor) caught in a jar attempting to jump to it. The bunker looks like an old school bowling alley with various things strewn around.

Meanwhile at the TVA, Renslayer asks Miss Minutes to run down several restricted files. The files are in reference to the beginning of time and the founding of the TVA. Sylvie stops Miss Minutes and directs them to look for files that are in reference to the end of time. Ravonna says the Void is the end of time but Sylvie questions what is beyond. After some pondering and postulating it turns out Ravnonna and Miss Minutes were stalling. Guards burst through the door and after a few minutes, Sylvie decides to prune herself leaving everyone dumbfounded.

Loki episode 5Source: Marvel / Disney+

Back at the Bowling Bunker, the adult and Gator Lokis sip on Roxxiwine while Kid Loki drinks a Hi-C. Boastful Loki is telling lies around how he killed Iron Man and Captain America and being called out for it. The conversation ends with Gator Loki attacking Boastful and being thrown back into his wading pool.

Kid Loki then asks Classic to relate his story. Classic goes on to explain that instead of dying at the hands of Thanos, he cast a projection of himself so real even the mad titan himself was fooled. Instead of dying he was ejected with the garbage and floated through space, alone. When he finally came across a planet, he remained in solitude for a long while, only deciding to leave when his craving for interaction got the best of him. Upon attempting to leave the planet, the TVA picked him up and subsequently pruned him.

Upon hearing enough, our Loki decides it is time to stop listening to the sob stories and act. He explains that while he is the same as the rest of them, none of them have ever met a female Loki variant. Something has to be different about her and he needs to get to her, but first he must kill Alioth and he needs their help to do it. They laugh so hard our Loki retreats and prepares to leave the bunker. As he opens the hatch he is encountered by President Loki and a rag tag crew of miscreants.

Sylvie awakes in an oversized nest nestled in the back of a school bus. Realizing she is not in Kansas anymore she escapes the bust pursued by Alioth whom she is able to momentarily enchant. Suddenly a quick flash and we catch a glimpse of some sort of castle or fortress. However, it doesn't last long. In the distance, a car races towards her honking its horn; it's Mobius.

Loki episode 5Source: Marvel / Disney+

At the bunker a very Lokian theme is playing out. President Loki has declared his intent to take over, we quickly find out it was Boastful that betrayed Kid, Classic, and Gator. He did so under the assumption (from President Loki) that he would take the throne and President would give Boastful his army. However, in true Loki fashion, President declares it was all a double cross, only to be double crossed by his army. Gator leaps into action, biting off and eating the right hand of President, from there it devolves into a battle royale. Classic creates copies of himself, Kid, Gator and our Loki, they escape through a portal, also created by Classic. Appearing out outside in the distance, the Loki crew decide to help our Loki get back to the TVA to help Sylvie.

Mobius, feeling betrayed recounts to Sylvie how he thought he and the TVA were good guys. Sylvie counters with a blunt assessment of what the TVA has been doing and calls into question the heroicness of what the TVA has been up to. She also reminds him that they hunted her like a dog, for which Mobius apologizes. They agree they need to find who is behind the curtain of everything that's going on. Sylvie postulates the only way to do that is to go through the cloud (Alioth).

The Lokis discuss a plan of attack or the lack of a plan of attack. Our Loki offers up a simple plan that results in Gator Loki praying they don't die. In the distance, a pruned version of the USS Eldridge (the boat from the Philadelphia experiment) appears. It fires on Alioth as he attacks, making short work of the crew and the ship. Our Lokis decide they should spend some additional time thinking through the plan. Just then Kid Loki sees a car of in the distance, Sylvie and Mobius have found them.

The reunion is not tearful but there is obvious love tension between Sylvie and our Loki. He explains he and the other Lokis were planning to try and kill Alioth. Sylvie says their plan was rubbish and they need to go through the cloud to find out what is beyond it. She details her own plan which is to enchant Alioth.

Loki episode 5Source: Marvel / Disney+

Ravonna visits B-15 who is locked up in a time cell for aiding and abetting Sylvie during last week's insurrection. Ravonna accuses her of what amounts to sedition against the TVA. Defiantly B-15 says the people of the TVA need to be made aware of the fact they are all variants. That whatever they believe, have been fighting for, is a lie. It is apparent neither she nor Renslayer know who the entity or entities are behind the TVA. Renslayer believes the TVA needs stability versus honesty. Nonetheless, it appears Ravonna wants to seek out and warn the string puller when she asks Miss Minutes to aid her in her search.

Around a campfire, Mobius and Classic Loki discuss Gator Loki. Mobius does not remember anyone from the TVA pruning an alligator Loki which further brings his validity into question. Mobius vows he will let people know the truth if he gets back to the TVA. Outside, Sylvie and Loki sit on a hill sharing a blanket, the romantic tension is dialed up to ten at this point. The scene shows us that they really understand each other, but in addition to Gator Loki, we have to wonder, is Sylvie a Loki or a lock for our Loki's key? Nonetheless, our Loki pledges to assist Sylvie and they ponder what they will do when this entire debacle is over.

The five Lokis and Mobius have assembled on a hill, overlooking a pruned version of the Dark Astor (Ronan the Accuser's ship from Guardians of the Galaxy) and Alioth. Sylvie goes into detail around her plan; explaining that after having briefly linked to Alioth she believes she can enchant it and find out who is behind everything. Expecting to do it on her own, she hands the TemPad she took from Renslayer to Loki. He declines saying that he plans to stay and help, moving Sylvie (and Mobius). Loki hands Mobius the TemPad who exclaims he'll give their regards to Renslayer and offers Classic, Gator and Kid a ticket out. They also decline, saying the Void is their home. Kid Loki gives our Loki his dagger and he, Gator and Classic set off. Mobius opens a time door and promises to burn the TVA to the ground, thanking Loki for the spark. Before Mobius departs they hug, as friends.

Loki episode 5Source: Marvel / Disney+

Loki and Sylvie approach Alioth, Sylvie plans to enchant one of the "branches" of Alioth as he attacks. Loki decides he needs to distract Alioth in order to give Sylvie enough time to enchant him. He runs off and challenges the cloud beast to come and get him. Alioth approaches as Sylvie does her thing undistracted. Suddenly a realistic hologram of Asgard appears on the horizon, it is Classic Loki. He is conjuring the replica as a distraction so Sylvie and Loki can complete their mission. While Alioth is distracted, Loki and Sylvie join hands, and forces, to enchant Alioth. Together, hand in hand, Loki and Sylvie are able to enchant Alioth, but not before Classic is overcome and killed.

Successful in their efforts and Alioth, now enchanted, turns green. A break in the clouds opens to reveal a futuristic castle in an alien landscape. Still holding hands, Loki and Sylvie look at each other and approach the opening leaving us salivating for next week's season finale.

Loki episode 5Source: Marvel / Disney+




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