Joni and Jude (from Nigeria) Deliverance from Spirit Spouses and Barrenness


Joni and Jude (from Nigeria) Deliverance from Spirit Spouses and Barrenness

Joni wrote, "I came across your YouTube video by Grace "Praying against Spiritual Spouses". During the prayer session the demon inside me manifested so much. You said to contact you if I felt a manifestation and that is what I'm doing now. I want to know what next step to take to be totally free from this demon and also I'm experiencing difficulties in conceiving due to endometroma. The Doctor said I can only conceive through IVF but I know that God can heal me completely through your ministry... And I must add that your prayers are Highly anointed by the Holy Spirit. I have never felt this way before. Thank you so much for allowing yourself to be used mightily by God."

Dear hearts, watch and/or listen to Joni and her husband's testimony and deliverance in Christ Jesus' mighty name. What they did not know that their deliverance was tied to someone's else deliverance. Be sure to read the testimony section. Shalom †

TESTIMONY: Good Evening Evangelist King, I wanted to share everything that happened, that lead up to me watching the video you posted today. Yesterday morning, I was attacked in my dream by spirit spouses.. I had 4 dreams back to back. The first dream, I was sitting in what appeared to be a beauty salon chair and the woman came up and kissed me out the blue, and I was immediately angry. When I looked in the mirror, I was how I use to look when I was in the world and living a lesbian lifestyle, then in the dream I got up from the seat and flew away and the woman was pursuing me, but did not catch up to me. The second dream, I was at my parents house and someone knocked at the door, and I went to the door, but it was a witch looking woman, and she tried to grab me, but I took off flying in the air, and she was in pursuit, but the higher I flew, it could not reach me. The 3rd dream, it was my ex boyfriend, and he was having oral sex with me and I cannot remember the 4th dream. I periodically have sexual dreams of my ex boyfriend and I know this is a spirit husband.. I wasn't having sexual dreams for a while, then it started back up. Back on November 12th, for veterans day, my family and I went to Golden Corral. I had on skinny jeans and a long jacket, so you couldn't really see my shape. I kept my jacket on most of the evening (because it was cold and rainy outside) but I disobeyed God when I decided I wanted to take off the jacket and go up and get my plate of food. I did it for attention and immediately I got hit with conviction and ended up putting my jacket back on asked God for forgiveness. Well that same night, I had a dream, and the demon spirit who looked like my ex boyfriend was about to have sex with me, but just before anything happened, I woke up, and I believe that was a warning dream. So after a few days the Lord was dealing with me on wearing tight clothes, mainly skinny jeans. So I ended up cutting up and throwing away all my skinny jeans and tight fitting dresses, etc. Today I saw your notifications come in for your deliverance videos, and it was like the Holy Spirit said I needed to listen to the one with Joni, but I live in an apartment with very thin walls, so I put on my slippers, got in my car, and drove behind my complex. When I watched the video, as soon as you said, "manifest now!" my body jolted and a dark, growl/yell came out of my mouth..the more I listened to more my body shook and jolted. When you started praying for the snakes in the belly it's like a person was yelling, but it wasn't my voice.. I was led to listen twice, because it felt like after the first time, something was still there... When I listened a second time, I was dry heaving and the yell/growl was happening again. I am now back at home, and I was to send you this message. I thank the Lord Jesus because I know that spirit Husband came out! And everything it brought with it.-USA

In need of prayer and deliverance? Come and join your faith with Evangelist King, A Female Exorcist, for your TOTAL deliverance in Christ Jesus' mighty name. Come expecting! To request a video deliverance session; for details, visit ALL CALLS ARE PUBLIC, RECORDED AND SHARED ON ALL OUR PROGRAMS.


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