Lench Mob's Top 5 Murder Master Music Show Moments: "It Was Almost Like Ice Cube Was President Of Th


Lench Mob's Top 5 Murder Master Music Show Moments: "It Was Almost Like Ice Cube Was President Of Th

[Lench Mob had huge success in the 90s when Ice Cube broke away from Ruthless Records and NWA. What many don't know is exactly how real it got behind the scenes. Not only did they perform and record with Cube but they also made sure he was safe on the road. Below are some highlights from the Murder Master Music Show interview with Threi, OG Chilly Chill, and Shorty of Lench Mob.]

1. Protecting Ice Cube

Threi - With all the madness coming from F-ck Tha Police and all the hate coming from up top we had to bond together outside of rap and it had to be brothers surviving and we had to make sure that dude got in and out of the facility. It wasn't like rap it was like "Ok, this is my dude and we gone get you in and we gonna get you out of here and move like one unit"

Shorty-It was almost like he was the President of the United States! That's how we move!

Threi- Just like big dog is saying he had his quote and quote security and then he had all of us. Because nothing could happen to the President of the United States! He had to get in and get out in one peace. We had all this madness happening at once. If there was some mess in the crowd we would jump in the crowd and clean up the bullshit. We been all over the damn Country and niggas done seen us! We had to make it known that you ain't touching dude, you ain't touching none of the crew.

2. Everybody Had Heat

Threi - We all gonna get in here and we all gonna get out. At that time in the Hiphop game when he came out our job was gonna make sure he did his thing and Yo Yo did her thang. We use to come on stage with bats!

Chilly Chill- We was on stage with bats, knifes, straps and all that. When I was on stage I had 9's on my turntable cases. Back then you was able to put straps in your turn table case and put'em up under the airplane.

Shorty - Imagine back then 17-20 brothas on tour and everybody got straps. Everybody got heat! My security was able to get everybody guns!

3. Making Peace W/ Above The Law

Threi - Oh yeah we are cool now! Back then after the shit jumped off that was the end of it right there. That was it and trust me brother there was no more problems after that. Everybody went into this grown man shit and let's get paid.

4. The Beef Between Ice Cube & Eazy-E

Threi - A lot of that stem from the animosity of Ice Cube leaving and 187 and them was from Ruthless and that's their bread and butter so if they man says "Go get them" and Cube says "Go get them" that's what it was because you got the two cappos calling the shots because that was how we all were eating. This is the man who is putting the bread on the table for everybody and the same with Eazy because he was putting the bread on the table for them. Think about how much crazy shit we had to live through with the DJ Quik and MC Eiht and all that wild shit but everybody is homies now. Back then we all had something to prove and money to get. We all had hoods behind us doing all kinds of crazy ass shit so as time passed we was like "We gotta keep passing each other, there go the homie Quk I'm gonna go fuck with him I don't give a damn if he is a Blood" and same thing with Cold 187 and the same thing with everybody else. We all gotta jump on the same lane so why the fuck we gotta be carrying around some bull shit from 10-20 years ago . We all cried when we lost Eazy, we all cried when we lost Pac. At the end of the day we are all West Coast.

5. War On Conscious Rap

Shorty - They really put a smash on conscious rap and we fell into that category and got smashed along with P.E. and all the brothers that were kicking the knowledge. When Quincy Jones son OD III pulled us to the side and said congress had a secret meeting on us. I knew then that it was a rap.

Chilly Chill -Like when the FBI came after NWA and when they went after Ice-T and 2 Live Crew.

Threi - They don't want that real out there so they gonna put the young cats out there and let them say "Pop mollys" and think that's gonna be cool with everybody. They didn't wanna see the conscious people do their thing.

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