MC Shan's Top 5 Murder Master Music Show Moments: "Cormega Was The One Who Convinced Me" [Audio]


MC Shan's Top 5 Murder Master Music Show Moments: "Cormega Was The One Who Convinced Me" [Audio]

[MC Shan is no stranger to the Murder Master Music Show, most famously in 2016 when he spit some battle bars aimed at KRS. Not long ago the homie called back into the show and discussed the KRS ongoing feud, a new album in the works, Juice Crew reunion, and much more!]

1. On KRS-One - Two Best Records On Last Album Was Two Diss Tracks

After the sh*t storm came down on him, not even about the record thing, you know the sh*t storm I'm talking about (KRS Defending Afrika Bambaataa), it's like he didn't want to face that, I guess he went to England. But since this is about records now days just make doper records, that's all. The best two records he had on that last lil whatever he made was them two diss tracks and I had to give him that. The album was already done and he amended it and added those two to it. So thank me again!

2. Shan Details How Big Daddy Kane Made Juice Crew Reunion Happen

There are no problems with none of the Juice Crew especially after we just did the Juice Crew reunion a couple months back. Everybody has the same energy and don't nobody be frontin' on anybody. The whole crew was there and it was all due to Big Daddy Kane. They wanted Kane to do a show and Kane wanted to get his crew down and do a Juice Crew reunion so Kane took his slot time and looked out for his crew. We did it at B B Kings and Kane put it together so big shout out to him for doing that. He gave the people what they were looking for , for a real long time. We did it twice once in New York and once in New Jersey and we got plans to do some more in the future. Everybody had their slot time and there was a lot of us.

3. Shan Speaks On New Album

I got a lot of stuff that still has never been heard and Imma dump a few of them on the new album. If I said it yesterday it is still gonna be relevant tomorrow. I will be finished mixing it and it will be out by the Summer time and you will get the first copies. Prez gets all the exclusives. You were the first one to play "Highly Acclaimed", I'll shoot you all the stuff first!

4. On Working W/ Nas, Cormega & Others On Queensbridge Project

They had to come to my house and get me. They actually sent Body-G to my house and he picked me up and took me to that studio session. They sent him to the crib and told him to come snatch me up and get Shan on this song. They were younger cats and they wanted me to change up my flow. I had some new rhymes I wanted to do but they wanted me to do some old stuff. Cormega was the one who convinced me he said "Yo Shan come on man just do it!" and I did it.

5. 1985 MCA Unreleased Version Of The Bridge

When they signed me to MCA they had no real dealings with Hip Hop at all so it wasn't a perfect fit for me. When they talk about me getting dropped from MCA, that was because our relationship didn't work. In 1985 I was originally trying to put out The Bridge but they wanted us to re-mix it. We did a new Bridge track but it didn't sound nothing like the Bridge track that we know and love. They had us do it on a 48 track studio. I wish I could find a copy of that track, matter of fact let it stay dead and buried. Marley Marl has a whole room full of stuff.

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