Mr. Serv-On's Top 5 Murder Master Music Show Moments: "Soulja Slim Is As Real As You Can Get" [Audio


Mr. Serv-On's Top 5 Murder Master Music Show Moments: "Soulja Slim Is As Real As You Can Get" [Audio

[Mr. Serv-On is no stranger to the Murder Master Music Show with plenty of appearances including a few round tables. During his most recent appearance he chopped it up about the success of No Limit Records as well as many other things. Also followed by Serv's interview we had Sacramento Vet First Degree the D.E. chop it up with us.]

1. Keeping Up W/ Master P's Work Ethic In The 90's

When I got to Oakland I would always drive him. I would watch this dude and we would be going from studio to studio and music place to music place until 4 in the morning and I would drop him off and he would lay back on the bed and he would say come back at 7. I would come back at 7 and he would be in the same spot, he would get up brush his teeth switch his shirt and we would go again.

2. The Success Of The Ghetto D Album

Watching do Ghetto-D he was focused and he knew that would be the album to go from 500,000 to a million to 2 or 3 million and it ended up doing 4 million. We didn't really go to parties we were about business we were businessmen. When P met Michael Jackson that was a fond memory knowing that Michael knew of No Limit and P. When Ghetto-D came out #1 like that and the numbers that it did, that was a great time. P joked alot behind closed doors but he was always serious and that was one of the first times I watched him happy and overwhelmed. He was walking around giving people checks, and would say thank you! He didn't have to put people on Make'em Say Ugh, he coulda did that by himself but he turned around and said who is gonna be on it? We was a family! After Ghetto-D went #1 we had a private meeting and he walked around and gave everybody envelopes saying thank you personally. He always showed his gratitude but you could see this album was something he really took serious, like this is that one that is gonna open the door for all of us!

3. Mr. Serv-On Recalls NYC Studio Session W/ Big Pun

For me the song with Pun in New York. Watching Pun work and the talent and how he came in there and I learned something from him. I'm happy to see him and he walked in there hugged me, laughed and knocked it out in one take. He did not mess up! Talk about pressure because Fat Joe was there. It was a beautiful time!

4. Soulja Slim's New Orleans Legacy

Slim is as real as you can get. He was that type of person who had you no matter what. If somebody came to you with problems he would make them his own! He was a good dude and a funny dude! He was New Orleans! He cared about the people around him. He really lived that life. He was so big to New Orleans because so many people could identify with him. His look, the way he talked, and the way he act.

5. First Degree The D.E. Gets Footage Of Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton & Bernie Sanders At Rallies For Music Video

I was doing a video for the Fahrenheit Record off my Black Bane album and I decided to go to all the rallies for every candidate. The first was Bernie it had 30,000 people which was one of the biggest events I ever seen in Sacramento in my life. The next one was Trump and I got in the front and had an encounter with Trump. At that time no one thought he would win. After being face to face with Trump, he is just a man! Then I went to Hillary, she closed her off and we didn't see as much! I taped one of my 3 encounters in the video which was Trump!

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