Top 5 All-Time Murder Master Music Shows (Jerry Heller, MC Shan & Bushwick Bill Make Cut)


Top 5 All-Time Murder Master Music Shows (Jerry Heller, MC Shan & Bushwick Bill Make Cut)

[The Murder Master Music Show's celebrating the 5th Anniversary so I wanted to dig through the archives and chop it up about some of my favorite moments on the show. We had a lot of dope guests over the years and many moments that stood out. Check out the video clips below of some of the best moments in the history of the Murder Master Music Show.]

1. Jerry Heller Regrets Talking Eazy-E Out Of Killing Suge Knight

This was crazy! First and foremost I wanna say that Jerry was always real humble with us and he came on the show several times all with dope interviews. This was his first time on the show and it landed on everything from the NY Post to all the major hip-hop media outlets, in a documentary, and on Jerry's Wikipedia page. Rest in Peace to Jerry and Eazy-E!

"Eazy said you know this guy Suge Knight, I'm gonna kill him! I said we are the most successful start up company in the history of the record business, that doesn't make sense to me, but you know something, I shoulda let him kill him! I think he was gonna do it, I took it seriously!"

2. Bushwick Bill and DJ Ready Red choppin' it up about the Geto Boys days

As a long time GB fan this was incredible! We had Bushwick on the show and he didn't know that Ready Red was a regular on MMMS, so when Red called in it surprised him and almost immediately the two started reminiscing. Myself and my Co-Host Mac Jay just let them talk and I think we captured some amazing stories!

Bushwick "He was the Jam Master Jay of the Geto Boys because our DJ was rocking harder than a band! A lot of the stuff that you hear on the earlier Geto Boys stuff before he had the machines to do stuff he actually scratched alotta stuff into the record. Like the song Scarface he actually put those scratches in there that was not a sample!"

DJ Ready Red "We was watching Scarface and right at the time when Tony Montana said "All I Have in This World" Bushwick sat on the start and stop peddle. Next thing you know there it was!

3. Episode 100 Round Table with DJ Yella, Kokane, Turk, Spice-1, Freeway Rick Ross, and more

I can't even quote anything out of this episode because there was so much. I had the legendary producer who gave the Geto Boys their sound, DJ Ready Red as my Co-Host for the night. Our callers included Turk of the Hot Boys, DJ Yella of NWA, Spice-1, K-Rino, Kokane, MC Shan, Al Kapone, and the homie Freeway Ricky Ross. One of my favorite moments on this episode is when Kokane and Spice-1 were caught off guard by DJ Yella calling in. It was one of those shows we will never forget!

4. MC Shan's Battle Bars Aimed at KRS-One

MC Shan has always been a huge supporter of the show. Prior to this episode we had him on a week before and he did a dope Freestyle aimed at KRS. After the show I got a call from KRS and he wanted Shan to apologize. This time Shan came back on and during the interview he kept saying "I got your apology Chris!" and out of nowhere about an hour into the show he busts out with this nearly 4 minute long rhyme lyrically decapitating KRS.

"You criminal minded cuz you ain't never been no criminal / and the damage that you do that shit will be minimal. Marley saved yo ass cuz I coulda did it back then / and be serving time for life for killin' yo ass with an ink pen. Call yourself the Blast Master go ahead and cock that shit back / and the only thing you're gonna get is the foot up in your sh*t crack!"

5. Poppy says he suffered sexual abuse from Afrika Bambaataa

First and foremost salute to both Poppy and Ron Savage for coming forward. This show was very important to us because we stand up against child molestation. Many media outlets turned a blind eye to these allegations, but we were proud to have Poppy share his story with the hopes that it would reach people and maybe inspire others to come forward. And in fact it did happen, because we had MC Shan on again in the future and he himself said first on MMMS that he was molested as a child.

"As far as what I'm dealing with now, all the publicity, the slander, the disrespect, and dealing with people coming forward and saying that they appreciate me coming forward. This is really not about me this is about making sure that possible kids will not be touched in the Bam situation. Now what can we do in the future to make sure he don't hurt any more kids is where I'm at!"

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