Is My Degree Useless? After Graduation Life


Is My Degree Useless? After Graduation Life

Here I am almost a year into post graduation life and have daily doubts about getting my degree. A year ago I couldn't wait to graduate because I just knew that I would get all kind of job calls back and be doing extremely well at someone's media company. 


Well it seems that the only media company I'm doing extremely well in is my own. I went from working 20-30 hours a week at Best Buy for $9.50 an hour to working two jobs and two side hustles. Currently I work full time at General Motors doing Marketing Support and Part time at CBS Television Station. So yes I did get up a job in my field but it's part time. But I am grateful for every opportunity that they have given me. I've never updated my resume so much in my entire life. I have went to about more than 20 interviews and haven't landed any of them which is pretty odd to me. While I was in college I got every job interview and now that I have a degree I haven't landed anything. But honestly I am looking to go full time with my businesses but at the same time looking for more money to help invest in my business. It takes money to make money honestly.


How is it that millions of students go to school to get a degree because they tell us it's the right way to do things, yet no one can find a job in their field? There are several of students I know that had extremely high GPA's in college yet are barely making it with trying to pay their rent because of loans, debt, and simply the price of living. It's almost impossible to live on your own after college unless you're


working 2-3 jobs. So many young people are creating jobs for themselves because they can't find that perfect fit and we are TIREDDDDDD of being denied when we know that we meet the qualifications. I am tired of getting the bare minimum of things and then people want to say " Well that's life" no that's living in limits. I have learned to obtain a limitless life. I refuse to live from pay check to pay check. I refuse to continuously have to decide if I need to put something back on the shelf because I need to pay my DTE bill.


The school system has failed us and has not set us up to win. There are alot of us that don't know how to apply for loans, set up banks accounts, file taxes , get mortgages etc. So many things that play until the adult role yet nothing was taught to us. But I bet you we can learn about numerous math theories that we may never use. Do I feel like my degree is useless YES AND NO. My degree has motivated me to learn more outside of the classroom and look for resources to flourish my business. However I could have done without. I am grateful for the opportunity but if you can make it without the degree and make something of yourself. DO JUST THAT. 

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