Forced Maintenance


Forced Maintenance

Further to Monday's failed server migration, and the last few days' issues from our temporary patch-up job, we decided to force maintenance overnight in OFF-PEAK, so we can be back in time for major events later today. ETA 12pm EST USA.

For clarity on recent issues, we wanted to explain further what's happening with VIPtv. We need to finish migrating servers. We started the new migration around 4 am Eastern. The main server we are currently using is crashing, causing the service to go offline, slow loading of logos for the stations and other back-end bugs. The disk is overloading causing all kinds of crashing which is why we were often offline the past few weeks.

We planned on migrating to the much faster and stable servers early next week, but we cannot wait. The problem during the last migration on Monday was one of the disks from the new server failed. You can thank the hosting company our developers purchased it from. Our developers have been working on a new environment, long term. It will truly make things great for us in regards to loading, balancing etc. The new server will also prepare us for the future growth of our members.

In closing, we wanted to elaborate on the nature of IPTV services, which is what we offer you. Those somewhat familiar with internet understand that sometimes internet can be funny. You may need to restart your modem, troubleshoot it, certain areas of your house pick up stronger signals than others, outages, overloading because 20 devices are connected to it and many other unusual factors. Our live tv streaming service is all based on internet, not fiber cable or satellite. Internet is more likely to go out rather than a cable box with television connected via cable wire, although that has hiccups as well. Due to these factors, we are able to offer the service for only $39/mo. The situation would be completely different if you're paying $250/mo to get half of what we provide and experience multiple crashes in a 2 week time frame. Demands would need to be met in those circumstances. Rest assured when the full migration to the new servers is completed, you will experience an enhanced s
 tability and quality. Count on it!!!

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