Why You Should Keep Certain Things Private From Social Media


Why You Should Keep Certain Things Private From Social Media

Let's face it, social media has taken over our lives. Some people may not want to admit it, but it has become a part of our everyday routine. We post our relationships, children, friends, vacations, locations, jobs, pets, I mean the list can go on. I always wondered how life would be without social media. I will defiantly not blame social media for bad relationships etc. But, we are so focused on other people to where we accidently forget about the people who truly maters. I personally believe we all need to learn to keep certain things private. Why? Because people are nosey and judgmental. The moment people break up with each other they run to social media to let everyone know before making time to themselves, or even try to fix the relationship. We all know when the baby fathers not helping, because the mothers run to social media and vent to us. We all know when someone don't have a job, no transportation, brought a new home, got married, had a baby, someone died, etc. Now I'm not saying you shouldn't share those things, because I'm defiantly guilty with sharing those things. I just feel we should limit certain things we post. I think it's important to keep people guessing. No need to post everything because the people who are special in your heart should only know those things. Half the time people only follow certain people to be nosey. If you are someone who follows someone and never like a pic or comment you're nosey lol. My Experience: I don't know if it's the Scorpion in me but I'm a private person. I don't like people in my business, and won't give up information about myself unless I truly fucks with you. I don't want people following me to think they know me like that. I limit certain things I post because that's what's important to me. Yes, I post pics of my child but I've recently decided to even limit that. She's a kid who don't need to be on social media like that. I tell people, if you truly want to get to know me download my app and watch my vlogs lol. I don't need people wondering who I'm with, if you know me personally you don't have to question anything. Sharing accomplishments is what I think people should share, because you never know who you can inspire and what resources you can provide. I love Instagram because I love following people who inspire me and people who I can learn from. I'm not saying you shouldn't post anything, but try to keep certain things private. Stop allowing the world into your business. Keep things limited. Most importantly keep your feelings private, protect your energy. The moment you let the world into your business is the moment you will seek bad vibes and bad energy. Pray, and keep genuine people in your corner.

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