TCOHH x BetterThanBibby


TCOHH x BetterThanBibby

TCOHH:Tell us about who you are and some of the hats you wear?
BB: Yes, I do business as Jowan D. McKoy, and my artistry name is BetterThanBibby. I currently where multiple hats in two opposing companies which are Strictly Stacking Records, LLC & Books of Color, LLC. I create music, but am also a partner of the Label. Books of Color, LLC, on the other hand, is a children's book company I founded & have full ownership of. Our mission is building core values in urban youth by combining life lessons & bright pictures with community workshops.

TCOHH: How did you get your start writing?

BB: When I look back, I can truly remember my first time writing because it was my first time expressing how I feel, or felt at the time. In 2007, I called to ask my mother to stop at the store & grab me a book to write in. She came home with a pink book that definitely wasn't my color of choice, it must've been the cheapest book on the shelf, but I took it. I took that book & started expressing myself. I eventually grabbed a book that wasn't pink & started writing in the new book, but I keep my first book around still till this day. 

Elaborate on why you left the Art Institute of LA?

BB: Despite what any of us choose to believe, everything happens for a reason. My reason for going out to LA for college was to experience life & see what luck I may have had.  While out LA I did exactly that! I saw things I would never see in Baltimore, I felt energy I'll always be reminded of, but it was meant for me to come back home & build a strong foundation. I am happy with my decision because I avoided negative energy & save a life in the process.

TCOHH: Where did you get the concept for Books of Color?

BB: Well, one day I was sitting and looking into my mind asking "How can I make money off of my ability to write, but give back at the same time?" My next thought was "Children's Books!"So I started researching & learning about the process, 2 years later, I have a profitable business I can hand over to my unborn child. Beside the financial freedom, I want kids to read more meaningful books that can teach them life lessons. We teach them life lessons in our books & one day we will be on T.V as well as every apple device in the world doing exactly what we do.

TCOHH: Which do you enjoy more, music or books? Why?

BB: Ok, so this is a trick question! I feel like I need the balance of both to make my life complete at this space and time. Music is the key to my spirit, in which creative energy flows, but I also believe the youth are literally the future of our country. They mean a lot  to me so I'm sure you can see why I wouldn't say I enjoy one more than the other.

Who are some of your musical inspirations?
BB: Im most inspired by an era of music more than specific people in it. Like, hands down, 90's New York is in my DNA, but Im young enough to witness the "1017 Bricksquad Gucci Mane" era, or even right before that, the Dipset, Lil Wayne era was crazy! All of these are resources for pockets of thoughts I conduct differently depending on what the beat asks me to write. Also I gotta mention the ROC Dynasty whenever I salute anything Hip Hop related, by the way.

TCOHH: What are some of your long-term goals?

BB: Now if I told you that, I'd have to marry you or kill you ahaha! All jokes aside, my goals are simply focused on becoming 1% better each day, so by this day next year, i'm 360% better than last year. I know i forgot 5 days, but I just be chillin' on holidays, its about 5 of them!

What has been your greatest accomplishment thus far?

BB: My greatest accomplishments are kinda selfish. My greatest accomplishments are being the uncle I never had to my nephew & the man my mom hasn't had to my woman. The reason is because I can see the benefits of being a good person & how strong my influence truly can be.

What up-and-coming projects, musically or otherwise, are you working on?

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