Social Media or Social Networking????


Social Media or Social Networking????

Social is an adjective that refers to society or relating to organizations. Media is a noun that is defined as such; the main means of mass communication (especially television, radio, newspapers, and the Internet) regarded collectively. Network is a verb, and it is defined as such; interact with other people to exchange information and develop contacts, especially to further one's career. Now let's explore the difference in the two terms, Social Media, and Social Networks.

At one point platforms like Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, and Black Planet etc. were all referred to as social networks, then one day we were introduced to the term social media. The reason this is a problem is due to the fact that media and networks are nowhere near the same thing. So therefore, it may cause confusion with why now these same platforms are thrown into the social media category.

Whatever line of business you are in, you need to build your network, so events are held; people are introduced to you with the mindset of networking. Media plays no part in the actual networking; media is an outlet for news and information.  So now with that in mind, are you on these platforms to network or to be given a point of view from a media standpoint?

Let's say a new independent artist is looking to connect with DJ's to help push the new hot record they just finished up, they are not looking to "media" with the dj's they are looking to network with them. However that same artist will also be looking to use media to help spread the word about that new song.  But the networking is the most important phase of the social media networking.

Here is why these platforms are not "media" outlets.  Facebook, Instagram, MySpace, Twitter etc.  Don't conduct interviews with people, nor do they ever give you an actual point of view. For instance Fox News and CNN both have different agendas so they will give you the same stories from each of their main investor's point of view. Now with the platforms that are called "social media" those points of views can only be given to you in the form of a link, which is linked back to the story from a real media platform.

So for entrepreneurs looking to advance in the field they are in, are you using "social media" or "social networks"? Once you know what you are using, ask yourself are you understanding why you are getting the results you are getting?

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