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Are you good enough?Are you following your dreams?Is this how you feel about life?
Is this what they mean by the trickle down effect?What if I told you...Don't expect the world to be fair to you
How would you respond to this question?What history were you taught?How to clean the bottoms of your sneakers
How do you feel about the wealthy hoarding their money?How do successful people start the day?Words of Wisdom
What if God is a metaphor for the universe?This is the reality about lifeWhat do you see?
Do you agree?Are you confident about your weirdness?What do you discuss?
More reasons to eat veggies!Great tip for quickly de-icing your vehicleAre you taking advantage of all of your resources?
We started it and we'll finish itWise words by Bob MarleyTrue fatherhood
4 Things A Man Does Not Want In A WomanAre you a happy slave?Roscoe Lee Browne speaks the truth
Marcus Garvey speaking the truthWise words by Steven BikoShould black people continue to conform to modern day Christianity?
True words from an awesome Supreme Court JusticeThe truthEquality vs Justice
Why are you so worried?How are you living?Are you a King?
Truth...What are you willing to go through?Has anything changed?
Never Give Up!Where is your relationship?bell hooks spoke the truth!
Are you a wise man (or woman)?How important is reading to you and your family?Are you willing to work hard to achieve your goals?
Shout out to all of the sexy ladies rockin their natural hair!Stay true to yourselfStay focused people



Words of Wisdom

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