Señor Kaos

Content, Delivery, and Showmanship are the three core values for Atlanta emcee Señor Kaos, an emerging lyricist whos unique approach to hip hop has sent him around the Globe. As an Emcee, Marketer, and Blogger, this artist’s persona and work ethic makes it hard to disagree with his self-proclaimed title as “Cultural Influencer.” Señor Kaos emerges from a dissolving Hip Hop world where w...
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Senor Kaos and Jawz Of Life
20 Years High & Rising Feat. Von Pea & Homeboy Sandman (Homage To De La Soul)
Walk Softly & Carry A Big Brick
Swagger Is Nothing, Talent Is Everything
Notty Dred, Jawz Of Life, Senor Kaos
DJ Cisco, Senor Kaos, Gerald Olivari

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