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EHarmony Da Diva of Sistah II Sistah
WXRP Radio presents the 70's & 80's Throwback Party
Chat Atlanta
D.I.V.A Talk radio with Sheryl Lee Ralph- Friday at 6pm
Money Matter-Wednesday 8pm
Sports Mania-Monday 7pm
Talk Sexcetra-Tuesday 9pm
Walking In Destiny-Friday NOON
The Healing Place-Tuesday 7:30pm
The Relationship Party-Thursday 6pm
The R.E.A.L. Singles Wives Club
A Different Identity- Monday 8pm
In The Locker Room-Friday 7pm
Freedom For You-Thursday 8:30pm
Ringside-Monday 9pm
Erotic Talk radio-Friday at 9pm
Dropping Knowledge- Saturday 10am
Dr Marty's Health and Wellness-Tuesday 7pm
Divine and Dirty- Tuesdays at 8pm
Couples Academy-Thursday 9pm
In The Kitchen with Chef Stew- Sundays at 6pm
WXRP Radio

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Can Money Really Ruin Any Relationship
Micheal Baisden chats with Sheryl Lee Ralph
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