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Kel Mitchell
Not all boots were made for walking! - B
Pretty Doesn't Hurt
Slow Down. They don't love you like I love you.
... Two for the show!
This is Just a Reminder.
I tell myself, "I'm Flawless"
Good Read
Cold never looked so good.
Detroit Girl in the NYC!
Finally dropped the luggage. Relaxed!
Lawd! All this Snow!
Hi, Busy Bees!
Preparing for Fashion Week.
Curls Popping!
Okay. Close Up!
NYC Selfie!
Waiting for my double doors to open!
I love this Picture!
Plot... Plan... SLAY! Fashion Week.
New York Fashion Week
Vegas Baby! For my 22nd Birthday!
Maureen sexy pic!
Selfie with Maureen and Melissa
Off Guard Pic
Birthday Girls
We met some cool friends in Vegas
Snapchat Filters are the best
My fake Cigar
Maureen, Me & Melissa
I didn't have time to go shopping, so pulled out this little Black Jumper
With my bestfriend Melissa
Jorge did my hair!
We stayed at the Excalibur
Pool side
Lunch Date
When I was rushed to the doctor's office.
My love Crystal founder of Purple Vain
My girls French & Naomia
Dress by Image
The Look of LA
On the go look I styled.
My foundation event styled by Tianna Nichole.
I loved this look I styled on myself.
One of my favorite summer looks.
All white ensemble for a press event!
Loved this look styled by Vanessa.
I love this all white look styled by Vanessa.
I love this all blue look styled by Vanessa
I love an all black look with a pop of color!
College Attire in LA
College Attire in LA
I love men watches
Internship Attire
Internship Attire
I had such an amazing time with my best friend Chris. We are great traveling buddies.
This drink was so intense. It was vodka in a Fish Bowl!
I met one of my followers Jazzy in midtown. She's a blogger as well!
I was waiting on the J subway
The subway actually wasn't that bad.
We so extra!
Eon showing us around!
It was so good to see leaves!
Central Park
It was freezing had to stop at Starbucks!
On our way to Central Park
I thought this was funny on the subway.
I don't know what I was for Halloween
The City
Met some new friends we had drinks at Casa Agave on 693 Ninth Ave, New York, NY 10036
Met up with my dancer friend Meech from Detroit.
Our first picture off the subway.
My best friend Chris & I on the subway for the first time.
The Subway
I was so happy to bee on Getty! :-D
Best event planners Social MsFits! I love working with Carl & Chase!
Being Mary Jane Premiere
I love working with Mikey. He's been there since the beginning.
Styled by Kevon Young Square
BET Awards Styled by Kevon Young Square
My very first red carpet look was for Nelson Mandela styled by Kevon Young Square
Photography by Mikey Rodiguez
Photography by Mikey Rodiguez
Photography by Mikey Rodiguez
Another bun look but with a little extra in my wardrobe. I believe when you have a messy bun your wardrobe should bee popping!
I love color blocking and showing my legs! This looked I styled.
I styled this look. This is one of my favorite skirts
This was one of my favorite show looks. Styled by Vanessa!
When I wear buns in my hair, I like for my wardrobe to bee a little extra. I styled this look!
This was a natural look Kevon did on me. We got this dress for like $15 at Forever 21!
I love men collard shirts. I feel like they are boyish, yet fashionable.
This was another style I did. I wear this blue skirt a lot with a variety of tops and always change my hair look with it.
I love this necklace. It is very classy and you can't go wrong with a pearl!
One of my favorite stylists is Tiana Nichole! She always gets me right! This was a quick look we did. I wore this look twice.
I love bright colors and a little cleavage. I styled this look!
I love my rompers! Comfy/Cute and Slimming! Styled by Vanessa
I wore this dress twice and wore it with a bold necklace and the second time with hoops to change it up a bit. Only $10
I love a simple dress with a bold necklace styled by Vanessa.
Loved this rebel look styled by Kevon Young Square.
I love a simple fitted dress.
Another awesome Vintage jacket I purchased! I'm in a blazer phase because of work :-)
I'm obsessed with this Vintage Jacket!
Styled by me!
Styled by Tabytha Cotright
Jessica Rich
Lil George
Ty Dolla $igns
Hazel E
Frankee Razor
Moniece Slaughter
Kaelynn Harris
Jiff Pom
Kel Mitchell
Amber Rose
Jamaal Buster
Raheem Devaughn
Malcolm Jamal Warner
O Town
Walgreens Corporation
K Michelle
Wesley Jonathan
Jurnee & Jussie Smollett
Ink Monstarr
Lisa Raye
Norris & Thrash
Jackie Christie
Lola Monroe
Sundy Carter
Joshua Malina
Laura & Gloria Govan
Big Sean
Diana Madison
Missy Lynn
Karl Kani
Bai Ling
Jasmin Jaye
El Debarge
Jazsmin Lewis
DeSean Jackson
Ms. Jackson
Malibu DollFace
KC Clark
Kiki Haynes
Erica Mena
Teyana Taylor
Jessie J
First event I hosted
Margaret Avery

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