Stevie Wonder

b. Steveland Judkins, 13 May 1950, Saginaw, Michigan, USA. Born Judkins, Wonder now prefers to be known as Steveland Morris after his mother's married name. Placed in an incubator immediately after his birth, baby Steveland was given too much oxygen, causing Steveland to suffer permanent blindness. Despite this handicap, Wonder began to learn the piano at the age of seven, and had also mastered dr...
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Stevie Wonder in the Netherlands, 1967
Berry Gordy and Stevie Wonder
George Benson, Valerie Simpson, Nick Ashford and Stevie Wonder
Stevie Wonder
A 16-year old Michael Jackson and Stevie Wonder in the studio, 1974
Muhammad Ali and Stevie Wonder, Apollo Theater, Harlem 1963
Tyrese Gibson joins Stevie Wonder on New Year's Eve in Las Vegas
Stevie Wonder

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