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The Konnected for

The Konnected for

The Konnected for

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The Konnected
Basic Information
Location:Charlotte, NC
Birthday:Feb 3
Short Desc:Entertainment
Description:The Konnected LLC is an entertainment management company that offers 5 major opportune means for exposure and development. Artists, industry professionals and businesses can benefit from our entertainment platforms on a national level. These services include and are not limited to The Konnected media [magazine, radio, DJ coalition, promotional models and reality television show], The Konnected events [tours, festivals, and awards shows] in addition to artist development [branding, promotions, and coaching].

The Konnected Magazine serves an diverse audience of music and entertainment enthusiast. Highlighting the hottest up and coming independent artist- as well as- celebrated entertainers; The Konnected Magazine is a graphically attractive page turner. Our current reach spans from as far north as Michigan, as far east as New York, as far west as Arizona and as far south as Florida - capturing major cities. It can be found in book stores, shops and boutiques and various clubs with a blended reader demographic in age and ethnicity.

DJ's a Brand New Chapter starts with you. Seize the Moment and Join The Movement. The Konnected DJ's are Cut from a different Cloth. We Break New Music and keep the Party going. In other words "We Make It Do What It Do". Get Konnected and Join the DJ Cypher. We have that appeal because it's better to stay Konnected.

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