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Hung Jury Entertainment for

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Hung Jury Entertainment
Basic Information
Location:Baltimore, Md
Birthday:Feb 21
Short Desc:Established In 1998 Hung Jury Entertainment (Music, Management, Radio, Films)
Description:Hung Jury Entertainment is a limited liability company based in Baltimore Md. Started in 1998 by Ceo/Founder James Murphy Jr aka Mann E. Styles artist, producer, manager mastermind behind the brand. HJE was a dream that turned into reality.Doing business as (DBA) Hung Jury Ent Radio , Biofeedback Films, Biofeedback Records, Hung Jury Management, Allndafam Publishing(ASCAP) and Mannestyles Publishing (BMI). This brand will be around for generations to come. So many releases since 2000 music is what this company was built on. A long road with plenty obstacles the grind never stops says Mann E Styles. "It's about building good relations and keeping them". From Hung Jury Records "You Make The Decision Volume 1" released in 2000 to Hung Jury Management artist Brother Ock (East Baltimore native) latest release "My Story" on January 2018 this entertainment company stays working. Be on the lookout for new singles from Mann E. Styles as well as other Hung Jury Management artists "Tiddy Da Great'' (East Baltimore native) and "Phenom aka Phenommoneph" (Kansas cIty native). Plenty of music from this All Star team can be heard daily on the new Hung Jury Ent Radio 24/7 as well as all digital stores known to man. Success is something this team wants and you can hear it in the music they create. Biofeedback Films partnered up wit Baltimore's writer Frankie Jones (Frankie Jones Enterprises) and Dandacameraman (Irose Films) to release the companys first Independent Film "Child Support". A comedy that shook up the Baltimore movie theaters with sold out seats 2 days in a row. A stepping stone towards greatness this film made it to DVD if you wanna laugh this was a must see. Hung Jury Entertainment is a force that won't quit and it would be a great idea to follow the movement. So much more ahead so much more to contribute to the world keep this app close by and stay tuned in to the new Hung Jury Ent Radio! May Peace and Blessings be upon you and your families always and forever.

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