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GoMEZMERIZE - Visions & Vices

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Location:Norfolk, VA
Birthday:Nov 7
Short Desc:Artist story-sharing, pain point revealing, & success shout-outs.
Description:Life itself is a creative art.
I have survived and thrived through many ups & downs. A singular resonating truth has been we all want to be heard. I want to listen to your story. I want to applaud your triumphs, and hurt in your pain. I want to talk about all the whispers and shouts that need to be repeated.
We all have our own truth. We have our individual challenges to work out. But we can learn from each other. Learn about yourself, as you share your story.
I believe these spaces of time that pivot our lives and change our trajectory should be honored. You are a a creative artist - just by navigating and adjusting through each breath.
I hope you enjoy the stories I share. I hope your own light grows just a little brighter with compassion & hope in knowing that you are not alone in the dark - you are a shining star!

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