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Rahiem Shabazz is the owner of the Rasha Media Group Inc., specializing in the areas of filmmaking, screenwriting talent relations, strategic marketing and writing prolific non-fiction prose.

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Book The Fitted Hat Philosopher For Your Next Event


Book The Fitted Hat Philosopher For Your Next Event

This presentation is ideal for youth organizations that deal primarily with at-risk youth Book Now!!! Rahiem.Shabazz@Gmail.com "tn":"*N","type":104">#ElementaryGenocide

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World renowned journalist, and award-winning filmmaker Rahiem Shabazz presents the third installment of his docu-series Elementary Genocide: Academic Holocaust. The first two documentaries in the series; The School To Prison Pipeline and Elementary Genocide 2: The Board Of Education vs. The Board of Incarceration received critical acclaim and launched Shabazz as a political pundit and academic ambassador for the African American community.Elementary Genocide: Academic Holocaust adds more statistical proof of the scholastic inequalities faced by Original people around the country. The documentary revisits the importance of education and its impact on self-image, family structure, financial freedom and the collective future of African/indigenous people in America and abroad. With commentary from some of the 21st century's greatest minds of the African diaspora in America, such as financial scholar and social commentator Dr. Boyce Watkins, esteemed Pan-Afrikan scholar and Professor James Small, and Kaba Kamene, international homeschooling advocate Samori Camara, Hip Hop artist and education advocate David Banner, National Talk Show Host and Lecturer Michael Imhotep and best-selling author Shahrazad Ali, Shabazz was able to illustrate the hypocrisy behind America's public school system and how the infrastructure is designed to keep people of color from developing the capacity to recreate themselves, their families and their institutions with their own hands.PURCHASE DVDDIRECT STREAM

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Gook The Movie In Selected Theater On August 25th

"tn":"K"" id="fbPhotoSnowliftCaption">Be sure to check out the new movie "Gook". Its a heart felt film exploring relationships between Korean and African-American families and communities, during the L.A. riots. "tn":"*N","type":104">#GookTheFilm

Released in L.A. on August 18th in selected theaters August 25th.

Trailer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LE5HsslbsQU&feature=youtu.be

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Necessary Blackness Podcast Ep. 30: Wilmington On Fire The Massacre of 1898

The Wilmington On Fire documentary, explores the Wilmington massacre of 1898, which was a bloody attack on the African-American community by a heavily armed white mob with the support of the North Carolina Democratic Party.This event was the springboard for the White Supremacy Movement and Jim Crow Segregation throughout North Carolina and the American South.The incident that took place on November 10, 1898 was never mentioned in the history books until 206, when the North Carolina General Assembly published a report on it.It didn't become widespread news until Director/Producer Christopher Everett decided to bring the atrocities of the Wilmington massacre to the big screen. Necessary Blackness Podcast sits down with the award winning filmmaker to discuss the importance of his eye raising documentary and what he has in store for the future.Link: http://elementarygenocide.com/necessary-blackness-podcast-ep-30-wilmington-on-fire-the-massacre-of-1898/

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Necessary Blackness Podcast Ep. 30 - From FBI Fugitive To Freedom

Necessary Blackness Podcast sits down with Malik Wade to discuss his book "Pressure: From FBI Fugitive To Freedom", which explores his brutally honest description of his descent into the underworld, his years as a FBI fugitive, his incarceration, and his ultimate redemption.Most individuals are not aware of the extreme damage wrought by decades of mass incarceration and what it does to society. However, Malik is on a mission to make sure today's youth are not caught in the web of imprisonment, though his Scholastic Interest Group, a nonprofit dedicated to helping at-risk youth.Link: http://elementarygenocide.com/necessary-blackness-podcast-ep-30-from-fbi-fugitive-to-freedom/To hear more about Malik's story visit: www.MalikWade.info

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Necessary Blackness Podcast Ep. 25: Zaza Ali: Plagues of Dysfunction

Author, Activist and Avid Student, ZaZa Ali returns to Necessary Blackness Podcast to talk about her latest book, 'Plagues of Dysfunction'. Throughout the discussion, ZaZa gives her insight on the madness plaguing Black America and the solutions, we can employ to counter the onslaught of many of society's social ills.

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Necessary Blackness Podcast Ep. 26 Are You In A Polygamist Relationship?

In this episode of Necessary Blackness Podcast, Rahiem Shabazz, Goddess Funmi and Ashton Breon discuss the subject of Polygamy and how most woman are in a Polygamist relationship and don't even know it.Tune in on Wednesday, July 5th at 6pm via Itunes and Google Play

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In this episode of Necessary Blackness Podcast, Rahiem Shabazz and Queen Funmi talks Fatherhood and what it means to Black America, the myth and lies that were debunked about Black fathers and the importance of the extended family.According to the CDC 67% of Black dads who don't live with their children see them at least once a month. Compared to 59% of White dads and 32% of Hispanics dads.This episode explores the root of absentees fathers, which is due to racism, poverty and mass incarceration. From the Homestead Act of 1862 to the red-lining of Chicago.Link To Listen To Podcast: http://elementarygenocide.com/necessary-blackness-podcast-ep-23-fatherhood-a-sons-hero-daughters-first-love/

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Atlanta Filmmaker Continues to Explore the School-to-Prison Pipeline with Third Installment of Film

Julia Bond once said, "Violence is Black children going to school for 12 years and receiving six years' worth of education."With incredible nuance and skill, award-winning filmmaker Rahiem Shabazz expresses the same sentiments in his critically acclaimed documentary series "Elementary Genocide." At the front and center of the controversial film is the issue of the school-to-prison pipeline, a systematic cycle that funnels children into the prison industrial complex. Many refuse to believe there is a targeted attack on the minds of Black youths through the education system, but Shabazz explores the outcomes of the education system on Black youths and the resulting funneling of them through the revolving doors of the criminal justice system.The film made headlines for exposing this damning process, which largely affects Black children in poor neighborhoods. Part 2 of the film, titled "Elementary Genocide 2: The Board of Education vs. The Board of Incarceration," takes an even deeper look at the history of America's school system and how it was made to subjugate Black Americans. This installment proves that something threatening is afloat by digging deeper to explore its origin, its existence and how to plot a change that could save Black children.Cont'd Reading

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Necessary Blackness Ep. 19: They Told Me Not To Tell Pt. 2

In part 2 of the mini-series, Necessary Blackness speaks with Johnny Lee Gaddy a former student at Arthur G. Dozier Reform School. After walking in the shadow of silence for 50 years, Mr. Gaddy decided to tell his story in his new book, "They Told Me Not To Tell". Necessary Blackness goes one-on-one with Mr. Gaddy to talk about his quest for justice and how we can help him. Johnny Lee's will to survive is a testament to his strength and courage. Now let's help to tell his story.LINK: http://elementarygenocide.com/necessary-blackness-ep-19-told-not-tell-pt-2

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