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M Daniels

Basic Information
Location:Conyers, GA
Birthday:Jan 7
Short Desc:NBA Athelete/ Rapper
Description:“Q6″ was born January 7, 1981 as Marquis Antwane Daniels in Orlando, Florida. He is also known as Quis and Lambo 6. Q6 is from the streets of “Crosstown” located on the westside of downtown Orlando. The name “q6″ stems from the nickname Quis which was a nickname given to him in early childhood by his mother, he incorporated that with his original playing number 6.

He has been into the art of rhythm and poetry (rap) since his high school years at Edgewater Senior High and began mastering the craft of freestyling in his college years at Auburn University while working on a degree in sociology as well as being as participating in his first passion basketball. In 2003, he was drafted to to the Dallas mavericks and is now gracing the court of the Boston Celtics for the 3rd season. But don’t let the fact that he is an athlete detour from the fact that he is also a very talented rapper. Six is not your average athlete/musician he raps about more than what appeals to the crowd he raps about real life situations and experiences that he has seen and/or been through.

People can relate to the vast majority of the things he speaks on in his music. He takes his craft very seriously on the court and in the studio. He hasn’t pursued his passion in music publicly because he did not want to be classified under the typical athlete turned rapper stereotype because he takes his music very seriously and tries not to have his athletic career and musical career coinc

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