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Streetz vs K-Lon. hip hop poet K-Lon tells Black vibes about his journey and how music saved him.

Growing up in a house hold where there was nothing but music surrounding him. Hip Hop poet K-Lon has come a long way from the days. From being a little kid starting off with a kid like flow and persona. His lyrics and personality have now evolved into a historical iconic symbol. K-Lon who now also composer, songwriter, and music engineer. Now is focusing on making more albums than mixtapes. At one point this talented artist thought of giving up his career in music after the unexpected death of his brother Walter. But after scarifying his two jobs and being blessed with two daughters. K-Lon picked his self up and continued the journey of his musical gift. He has also created his own record label named MerchanDice, in memory of his late brother. And plans on going full speed on as 2014 approaches..
Check out the links below for K-lon's music, twitter, itunes, and more. for bookings contact his mangemanet team at

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New York Artist K-Lon brining the lyrical aspect back to Music and Hip Hop

I recently spoke to artist K-Lon's manager Marvyn NYCE Owens Of Camelot LLC Music Group. And there were a lot of great things that I discovered about the talented artist. K-Lon who has outspoken intro, feel good beats, and story telling lyrics. Recently release his album "Dajavoo".The album includes hit singles in my opinion such as,"Huey", "Back Wall" and "Feeling Ya Vibe" just to name a few. i was blown away by the journey that each track takes you on.

Not only is the Ny rapper a great artist, he is a composer, author, and community activist for the young youth of Rochester NY. With the recent lost of his brother, longtime friend Walter Smith Jr who was murdered this past year. K-Lon has begun a movement/company called MerchanDice Ent/Records in his memory. K-Lon is forsure one artist everyone need to be looking for in 2014, there is surely a spot at the top for the multi-talented artist. Be sure you check out his album "Dayjavoo", now on Itunes at the link below.

for more info on K-Lon's music, shows or media contact
Wendy Bowers

Shawn Listel
Assistant editor
New York , N

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