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ATL Barz
Basic Information
Location:Atlanta, GA
Birthday:Oct 31
Short Desc:Social Epicureans & Distinguished Curators of The Good Life
Description:In 2003, three nightlife-industry entrepreneurs joined forces with a sole mission - to raise the bar in offering premiere social events in Metro Atlanta. The driving force for these three was a passion to provide creative and dynamic events which offered a "mixture" of elements beyond that of an average party. Thus, the ultimate networking opportunity for local bartenders and mixologists was created - ATLBARZ. Little did they know, they would satisfy a huge void in the Atlanta nightlife scene as well as reshape its culture.

ATLBARZ is the ultimate mixture of atmosphere, cocktails, culture and music. What began as a celebration of the craft of local bartenders quickly shifted as the experience caught the attention of local entertainment and service industry professionals as a whole. This invite-only experience is all the buzz around town and in addition to bartenders now caters to servers, waitresses, dj's, promoters, recording artists, vj's, radio personalities, models, fashion designers, security guards, club owners and managers.

The anticipation would build as this socially dynamic event occurs just once a month in some of Atlanta's hottest, posh, upscale nightclubs. Guests are sure to be 'turned on to' something "new" - a new spirit, new fashion house and new music to name a few. Therefore, it wasn't long before the buzz took flight to other major cities consequently creating the ultimate urban network of service and entertainment professionals.

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