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Meet R&B Soul Singer "Classik"


Meet R&B Soul Singer "Classik"

Tell the people who you are and the meaning behind your name?
My name is CLASSIK and I came up with the name classik because I want my music to be classics, music you can play on your iPod or put in your cd player a decade from now and you still love it like you just heard it

How long have you been an artist at what age did you notice you had talent? I notice I had talent around the age of 9,I've been a artist for 13 years

Everyone has a success story what's yours? Basically I'm still working towards success but at this point of my life that I'm in now with my music, I'm blessed to be here and have the opportunity that I have

Tell us about your mixtape?
I have 2 mixtapes: My first mixtape I dropped last year on VALENTINE'S DAY called (CLASSIK ROMANCE)My second mixtape I dropped this year at the beginning of FEBRUARY called (WHEN THE NIGHT FALLS) you can download both of these mixtapes on my website

What's next from you? Im actually working on a mixtape with my brother REDD called (MY BROTHERS KEEPER) that will be dropping sometime In October

Please inform us on your next project? My new single called LIKE THE WAY (L.T.W) FT. REDD which will be a single off the mixtape (MY BROTHERS KEEPER)

Everyone has up's and down's in the industry could you tell us your life struggles? Just basically people not believing in you but when they see you making moves in the industry, you start to see them around and they start asking for favors but wouldn't give you the time of the day back then.

Do you belong to any foundation or charity? Livinlegenz

What where you doing before you became This successful artist? Working at TIME WARNER CABLE as a service technician

How can the Fan's reach you?
Basically to connect with me on any website across the web go here>>>>

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Black Vibes talks with Celebrity Manager Rashida Watler of Super Femina Entertainment

Tell the people who you are and where are you from? Hello, My name is Rashida Watler, I'am the Chief Executive Officer Super Femina Entertainment, Born an raised from Harlem, New York.

How long have you been in the industry? How did you get into the industry? I was currently attending Law School focusing on Entertainment Law, an was introduce to Tim Mandelabaum Entertainment Atty at the time who worked with Britiney Spears, Pharelle & NERD, Wutang Clan some of the industries sought out clients. This merger came together threw my Best Friend Raheem Thomas who was working at J Records who introduce to all the hot attorneys including Todd Rubenstien. From that point Tim gave me an oppurtuntiy to be the Point person for Wutang Clan I had the legal knoweldge an the logistics to stay a float in the business. From that point Divine Diggs hired me RZA brother in which I'm forever grateful for a book smart girl who had no idea what to expect from the Wutang Clan. Divine/Rza taught me the publishing - I admismiter Wutang clan publishing/ Cream Team Pub / terrioties/ managment/ how to play chess an own your company. "Cream they say get the money dolla bill yah". This is far more they I ever could imagin, the relationship ive maintained the respect earned the hard way, an now 14 years later still remain working on several partnerships deals to date.

Everyone has a success story what's yours? The Greatersuccess is being able to Harvest the relationship over the years an still remain having my phone ring as a contenterder an sharing my experiences with young females. I strongly believe in giving back an lending a hand to other females attempting to join the experience of Entertainment Indusrty. If you keep your integrity in tact, an have a great work ethic all will come into fruition.

What's next from you? SFE film we have integrated a section of managing actors from the experienced garnished at NTAC Agency. We are currently working on series entitled "STAND" written by Sicily Sewell co Tamika Layton & Myself we are in talks with several networks and looking to go into production this fall all press will be handle threw VanceNyCC PR we are excited for the new horizon.

Could you tell us about your distribution deal? Super Femina Entertainment Digital Label- I have my own digital Imprint threw Ingrooves Universal/ XLP, I'am functioning label that provides 600 online an mobile destination worldwide in more than 100 territories. I have solid partnerships with retailers like iTunes, Amazon, spotify an many more. Its a new platform for myself, but with the next 5 years you will be introduce to new products from SFE in conjunction with the label roster BERTO, Stephen Redhead an Malik-16 to name a few. To reinforce the music relam we are currently creating a digital platform campaign with Celebrity DJ Kayotik and for our Visual Arts platform we combing the Art Gallery with LIL Art Bodega for infuzed art with music.

Everyone has up's and down's in the industry could you tell us your life struggles? Never giving up no matter what obstacles may lie ahead, there always lots of hiccups along your path. Having faith to sustain relentless passion to carve out your niche.

Do you belong to any foundation or charity? I support a token of charity an always incorporating speaking engagements, 2014 SFE will be expanding to a 501c3 with the focus of females taken their seat at the table an finding balance while juggling family an career "You can have it all"!

What were you doing before you became This successful manager? Working at the music labels to date Wutang Records/ Universal/ EMI/ Columbia Records to name a few.

How can an artist reach you? superfeminaent / twitter or superfemina facebok

Who are you currently work with now ?RZA, Wutang Clan, Hitman Stevie J, DJ Kayotik, Sicily Sewell, Sonja Norwood just to name a few...

Any Shout Outs? Business Partners Tamika Layton, Siciley Sewell, Donald Robertson, Celebrity Ce Ce Vance PR Charisse Edey ...

Well thanks for talking to blackVibes.Com

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