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Annette First

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Purchase this NEW 'HOT" single book -First Generous Gemini: NOW!

Published by Xlibris
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ISBN13 Softcover
ISBN13 eBook
: 978-1-4836-7089-8
: 978-1-4836-7090-4

Generous Gemini First

A N N E T T E M . F I R S T

This book is torn between inspirational and sensual. The first segmnent is very
inspirational and believing in the Lord, yet the second segment is sensual, flirtatious
and steamy! These were the thoughts of a Gemini with a lot on her mind, while being
kind, in her much younger days with various craves!!!Annette reveals in this poetry
book her talent of inspiring, yet playful segments of dancing poetry for the modern,
mature, yet naughty audience who can accept different views with an open mind! In
version two, the poetry are thoughts caught, but never seemingly sought, rather dreams
seen to redeem! Sit back and enjoy because a lot was put into this new version of split
"Go out in the world with your freedom
blessed, let the Lord do the rest!

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